Friday 7 August 2009

Kia Soul - 'Go Hamster Go' Facebook App

This is a very cool app which has been put together by Total Immersion for the Kia Soul. The 'Go Hamster Go' Facebook App uses augmented reality in a very clever and viral way. For once players do not need their mouse, or keyboard come to that, as your head is the controller during this game. According to their press release the “Go Hamster Go!” game marks the first use of augmented reality in a Kia application for a social media environment, and can be found at under the Go Hamster Go! tab.

Pic - Kia Soul - 'Go Hamster Go' Facebook App

Each hamster is wearing a coloured t-shirt mirroring a Kia Soul colour, which when the user drops a hamster into the vehicle, the vehicle morphs into that colour. The exit window lists the final score – and the cool features the user managed to add to the Soul. Users can post their scores on the Soul leaderboard and can challenge friends to compete and beat their scores.

Video - Kia Soul - 'Go Hamster Go' Facebook App

I really like this example, not only is it innovative and fun, but it is simple and is sitting on Facebook! The user is not expected to go elsewhere, or dragged to a brands website, they can play just a click away from their profile... genius. Plus you have the added viral element of Facebook, which is where I would expect this app to excel.

HT to Barry and Total Immersion for the info

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