Tuesday, 14 April 2009

BMW Z4 “An Expression of Joy” - Augmented Reality

Here is a brilliant idea which uses a reasonably new technology in an extremely interesting and innovative way. As part of the new BMW Z4 “An Expression of Joy” campaign BMW have released an augmented reality tool which takes its idea from the TV ad featuring artist Robin Rhode in which the BMW Z4 drives over a huge canvas painting as it drives (shown below).

Taking this idea of “An Expression of Joy” one step further, the augmented reality tool allows the user to create their own virtual piece of art (shown below), by taking the BMW Z4 for a spin around their desk treating it as the canvas. Once the user is happy with their masterpiece they are able to submit them to a gallery on Facebook. For anyone wishing to try this out, the tool can be found here - Create your own Expression of Joy

I really like this idea, as the 'Create your own Expression of Joy' Augmented Reality tool seems like a completely natural extension of the campaign. Admittedly the technology is such that your computer needs to be fast enough to handle this program, but it definitely shows what is possible and the way in which things could be moving towards. Another slightly earlier example of augmented reality was shown at the end of last year in this print ad for new MINI Cabrio in Germany, which again proves how easy it is to integrate the technology into a media campaign.

Update: A comment on YouTube claims that, 'The music for the UK version of the BMW Z4 “An Expression of Joy” advert, according to the official statement from the BMW Marketing Department, is that the song is untitled and was written by the Marketing Department specifically for the advertisement. Unfortunately, there seems to be no plans to release it as a single'.