Monday, 29 September 2008

Top 20 Coolest Brands - CoolBrands release 2008 winners

CoolBrands have released the 2008 definitive list of the UK’s coolest brands as voted for by consumers. The list (below) seems to have been highly influenced by the James Bond movies as we see Aston Martin take the CoolBrands top spot for the third year running:

1. Aston Martin
2. iPhone
3. Apple
4. Bang & Olufsen
5. YouTube
6. Google
7. Nintendo
8. Agent Provocateur
9. Rolex
10. Tate Modern
11. Dom Perignon
12. Virgin Atlantic
13. Ferrari
14. Ducati
15. Playstation
16. Sony
17. Nike
18. Boss
19. Facebook
20. Lamborghini

The list seems to have been largely impacted by brands offering escapism to ones day to day life, with brands like YouTube, Facebook, Bang & Olufsen, iPhone, and consoles such as Nintendo and Playstation dominating the Top 20.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Diesel XXX Party – Coming to a city near you!

To celebrate their 30th birthday, clothing brand Diesel are throwing the ‘Diesel XXX Party’ which is set to take place in 17 cities Worldwide on the same day. The event, being held in cities including New York, London, Zurich, Helsinki, Tokyo, and Dubai will include acts such as N.E.R.D, M.I.A, Mark Ronson, 2ManyDJs, and Chaka Khan.

As well as a Facebook Group which has been set up to promote the ‘Diesel XXX Party’, a viral 70’s style porn movie with a twist has been making it’s way through the web. The campaign fits really well with the brand’s existing image and target audience, and in terms of celebrating their 30th birthday, Diesel have carried this out very well.

The 17 cities include: Tokyo, Beijing, Dubai, Athens, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Milan, Munich,Paris, Oslo, Stockholm, Zurich, London, San Paulo, New York

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Best Ads on TV Podcast

Best ads on TV have launched their very own Podcast, and best of all, it's for free! Every week users will be treated to best 6 TV spots in the world courtesy of Best Ads on TV as a podcast on iTunes, to enjoy whenever they want.

The Podcast is already proving a success, with the Best Ads on TV Podcast ranked as follows on the Video Podcast Charts:

#2 in Australia
#2 in New Zealand
#18 in the UK
#19 in Canada
#36 in Portugal
#63 in France
#66 in Ireland
#66 in Norway
#71 in Sweden
#85 in Belgium
#91 in Italy

You can access the Best Ads on TV Podcast here!!

Hats off to Adverblog for the tip off.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Wario Land: Shake it YouTube video

Wario Land: Shake it, the new game for the Nintendo Wii, has created a brilliant new video for YouTube. The video starts with actual game footage, but as the gameplay develops, the YouTube background feels the wrath of Wario’s fury, with the Related Videos section crumbling, Coins from the Wario Land: Shake it game flying everywhere, and the Comments boxes shattering to pieces. See the YouTube video for Wario Land: Shake it for yourself here.

This is an excellent example of innovation for both YouTube and Nintendo Wii, giving viewers something to pass on, and talk about. The video ends with the link to click through to the site, or replay the video, which I can garuantee most of you will. Enjoy.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Top 10 banned ads - Shortlist

Shortlist, the Men's free Weekly Magazine have today posted the Top 10 banned ads of all time today on the Shortlist website, reminding us of all of those ads we loved (but the ASA didn't), including brands such as Tango, and Agent Provocateur (the ad with a writhing Kylie on a velvet bucking bronco).

The Top 10 banned ads list comes after the recent stir caused by Eva Mendes in the recent Calvin Klein campaign mentioned on Funkadelic a few weeks ago.

Check out the list below, with a brief trip down a seedy and debauched memory lane.

1. Ikea

2. Umbro

3. Durex

4. Heinz

5. Nike

6. Danish Bacon

7. Agent Provocateur

8. Toyota

9. Glasses needed?

10. Tango

Join the Carphone Warehouse X Factor challenge

If you hadn’t guessed already, this is the new site by mobile store The Carphone Warehouse to launch it’s sponsorship of Saturday night hit TV show X Factor.

Continuing from previous sponsor Nokia, with the obvious musical interest between the viewers, and show’s content, Carphone Warehouse show us how a sponsorship can be perfectly engage an audience, and get them involved with the brand.

The Carphone Warehouse website acts as the central hub to the activity, allowing users to upload their own versions of musical classics, or vote for other entries, with a People’s chart compiled to showcase the latest entries.

I like the level of user engagement in this campaign, using the premise of the show as the backbone to the campaign. The indents to the program also include real people singing their hearts out to their favourite song, and really adds a cross media element to what could have potentially been, ‘just another television sponsorship’.

MySpace Music launch outdoor campaign

Myspace in the US is launching its first outdoor advertising campaign to promote the new launch of Myspace Music a joint venture between Myspace, and major record labels Sony, UMG and Warner Music.

The Myspace Music campaign is set to run in Los Angeles (Hollywood on Sunset) and New York (Times Square), and include some of the sites biggest names such as MIA, the Jonas Brothers, and Lil Wayne.

The adverts (below) show the artists alongside the playlists that provide them with creative inspiration, promoting the website's new playlist function, which allows members to aggregate a playlist free.

New York (Times Square) - Jonas Brothers and Lil Wayne Outdoor Billboard

Los Angeles (Hollywood on Sunset) - MIA Outdoor Billboard

IMDb launch free films and TV service

IMDb (Internet movie database) has launched an on demand service allowing users to view full-length films, and hit TV shows (including ‘Heroes’, ‘Family Guy’, ‘The Office’, and ‘Star Trek’) for free on the Amazon owned website. Soon IMDb will also be opening its site to filmmakers worldwide by giving them the chance to upload their films to the site also.

Since launching on October 17, 1990, and being aquired by Amazon in 1998, IMDb is one of the web’s most comprehensive source of information on movies and television, and is one of the largest accumulation of data about films, television programs, straight-to-video, and video games.

This seems like a perfectly logical next step for IDMb, and should give users the chance to spend longer on the site, with a good reason to come back regulaly. It is also nice to hear that the service will be free, as one of the main barriers for users regarding on-demand, and IPTV services certainly seems to be cost, and ease of use.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Go Jack Yourself – launch Fonejacker widget have released a new widget for popular comedy show Fonejacker, the widget titled 'Go Jack Yourself', allows users to upload their image and appear in one of three scenarios.

The widget is the perfect way to get fans excited about the new series, due to start Wednesdays at 10pm as of 17th September on E4. Both entertaining and engaging, I would definitely recommend you have a go, especially if you are a fan of the show.

Spend your advertising budget online! All the cool kids are doing it!!

According to a new report released from The European Interactive Advertising Association figures show that Online ad spend continues to increase despite current economic climate, with four out of five advertisers have increased their advertising spend online, and predict that this will continue for the next two years.

The report shows that advertising spent is being upweighted online (display, search, affiliates etc), as opposed to other channels, with 73% claiming they have increased their spend online. 31% said they were using television less, and 40% said they decreased their activity in newspapers.

Click here for the full report.

Monday, 15 September 2008

'Science of Sexy' from Wonderbra is here

Earlier in the month, it was revealed the Dita Von Teese would be staring in the new 'Science of Sexy' Wonderbra campaign. Well it's here... with a nice simple microsite, with photos, videos, and news about the collection. There is also a competition to meet the burlesque star herself at one of her shows in Paris.

A viral on Youtube has also been added to replace the teaser put up earlier in the month, attracting people to the new collection released from September 23.


Saturday, 13 September 2008

'History of Britain' ads launched to Celebrate the 122nd Birthday of Hovis

Hovis the Bread maker have launched a new advert to celebrate their 122nd Birthday, which takes the viewer on a journey through British history following a boy on his way home from the bakers to his house. The 122 second ad spot, a second for each year Hovis has been around, hit screens in the UK on the 12th September on ITV1, with Cinema and National Press activity to follow.

Playing on Hovis' 1973 'Bike' ad, famously directed by Ridley Scott, one of Britain's favourite adverts (see below), the 'History of Britain' advert, depicting scenes such as the invention of the first automobile, the blitz, the Queen's Coronation, and the miner's strike, is fantastically simple and very memorable.

Coke Zero - Quantum of Solace advert featuring Jack White

Not that long ago it was released that Coke Zero was to release a limited edition bottle to tie in with the sponsorship of the latest James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, due to be released 31st October. As of Mid-September with the support of a campaign including TV, Cinema, and Outdoor, we will all be able to see the James Bond style advert, developed by ad agency Wieden & Kennedy, which will launch the campaign.

The ad featuring music by White Stripes frontman Jack White, is just a hint of things to come, with both Jake White and Alicia Keys joining forces for theme tune for Quantum of Solace, Another Way To Die. Personally i cannot wait.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Follow the Virgin - Latest Argent Provocateur campaign

This is the latest Argent Provocateur campaign to arouse our senses, and apparently their 'most fabulous collection ever', launched with the help of a 'scandalous' new website.

Upon entering the new 'scandalous' site you journey through a dark castle, making decisions in an attempt to 'Save the Virgin'. Throughout this interactive online movie, you are made to face many challenges including scantily clad women, dark corridors, Peaches Geldof to name but a few.

This is a well put together site, and a great way of showcasing the collection. The PR, however has been mainly focused around the decision of appointing Geldof to the campaign, and only time will tell as to whether this has a positive or negative effect.

Quantum of solace - Movie Awards Promo

For those of you who are yet to see the latest James Bond: Quantum of solace trailer, here it is. Enjoy.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Intel Studio campaign streams live voting to underground digital panels!

Over the last year or so, CBS outdoor has grown their 'Alive' offering, which includes Digital Escalator Panels, LCD Screens, and Cross Track Projectors, from one station to many, now covering most Zone 1 stations on the London Underground.

Intel have used this growing platform to their advantage, taking it somewhere we have never seen before. The new Intel Studio campaign allows unsigned bands to upload their tracks in an attempt to be heard. Using a voting system on the site a winner will be chosen, and have their dreams of making big a reality.

Using London Underground digital screens, Intel will stream live chart updates from the site to the screens every time the ad is run, keeping everyone up to date on how the competition is going.

I think this shows fantastic innovation, and is yet another step forward for the media channel. The campaign idea is relevant and fits will with the media chosen, which will hopefully encourage more advertisers to push the boundaries.

Decide the fate of the Cactus Kid!

As part of the ongoing Oasis campaign, the viewers now get a chance to decide what happens to the 'on the run' pair of young lovers. Following on from the brilliant 'Find Cactus Kid' competition (which invited users to find the fugitive within Google Maps), the new 'Run Cactus Kid Run' campaign is a simple voting system, with a video outcome for every decision.

It is a nice way of ending the campaign, with just enough intrigue to potentially get users to trace back the story on the site. You have until around the 22nd September to vote, with the Grand Finale showing shortly after, so i will have to wait and see if i contributed at all to the final winning result.

See your very own ad on the side of a bus courtesy of CBS Outdoor

CBS Outdoor has launched a new competition this week, giving everyone a chance to create an ad to appear on the side of one of their London buses. The competition named ‘Talk to the town’ is very simple to enter. The site has an upload functionality, or online Ad creator tool for users to submit their ideas, with a showcase on display allowing you to vote for you favourites.

Although I must say that the quality of ads is not quite there yet, it is still early days, so i guess we will have to wait and see.

Get ready for Beck's Music Maker

In order to promote last weekend’s Beck's Fusions event in Manchester Becks have launched the Beck’s Music Mixer. The Microsite allows you to fulfil your dream of becoming a Mixmaster genius at you desk, with tracks from artists including Moby, Roisin Murphy, Does it offend you, yeah?, Midnight Juggernauts and Axwell.

This is a simple and easy to use site, and will certainly allow you to kill time in style. Also with more tracks apparently on the way, I doubt you’ll get bored of this, once you get the hang of it. I know I didn’t!!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Free fuel anyone? Welcome the launch of Mercenaries 2

This week saw the launch of the second game in the Mercenaries series launched by Electronic Arts, with a very cunning, and controversial launch strategy which has thrown up a number of differing views.

So, the game, 'Mercenaries 2: World in Flames' is set in 2010 Venezuela, where a evil dictator has seized control of the country's oil supply. It is the player's mission to hunt down this dictator and end his terrible cause. Oil therefore becomes the game's currency, and you as the player must use your array of available weapons and vast collection of vehicles to work your way through the game.

Ok, now the launch strategy, Electronic Arts offered 500 lucky motorists the chance to win £40 worth of free fuel, in a massive £20,000 first come first served petrol giveaway. The 'problem' was that this offer was only available at the Last Stop garage which lies between Stroud Green and Finsbury Park, in North London, in the middle of a residential area, during the morning rush hour. As you can imagine chaos followed, with queues, arguments, and a few delighted winning motorists.

A silly idea with clear neglect of the consequences, or brilliant piece of strategic thinking? Well I'm afraid I'm going to have to say that i agree with the latter. What an excellent way of causing mayhem and reflecting the true colours of the game, with a lovely sprinkling of PR to boot. I think this was a very brave and ballsy idea which the client and agency should be proud of.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Retro gaming in style

Russian clothes stores Provokator have recently launched a quirky site celebrating its customers love for fashion and retro games. The user is given the option to play Frogger, Arcanoid, or Space Invaders, renamed for the purpose of the site as Toadder, Jeansoid, and Cosmoflight.

It is an interesting way in allowing customers to interact with the clothes displayed on the site, with the ability to pause the games at any stage to find out more about an item of clothing and even add it to your basket. There is also the added bonus of the three leaders at the top of the scoreboards being rewarded with email discount vouchers for the stores at the end of every month.

It is a really engaging website which certainly breaks away from the norm, it is a simple site to navigate and is addictive enough to keep users coming back for more.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Get ready for the Barclaycard World Freerun Championships

With less than 24 hours to go before the first ever Barclaycard World Freerun Championships, us London folk have been spoilt with a campaign including some impressive formats within the freesheets, and a YouTube Channel full of breathtaking videos of people with far too much desire to injure themselves.

So what exactly is the Barclaycard World Freerun Championships? Parkour, or free-running over the last few years has become a global phenomenon, finding its way into everything from movies, to music videos, and even adverts. The Barclaycard World Freerun Championships is an event where competitors from 17 different countries can show off their skills in order to be crowned World Champion.

It almost seems like there hasn’t been enough hype around the event, however it certainly seems like this could be the start of a very popular annual competition.

Wonderbra: Starring Dita Von Teese

Wonderbra have launched a new campaign starring burlesque star Dita Von Teese. A teaser ad on YouTube, ‘Sexy Science by Dita’, points viewers to the Wonderbra website explaining that the campaign is to start as of the 15th September. I guess this means that Funkadelic will have to wait and see how the campaign takes shape, along with everyone else.

Microsoft launches 'porn mode' browser that lets you surf the web without leaving a trace

Microsoft has launched a new internet browser that will let people surf the web without leaving a trace of the sites they have visited.

Nicknamed 'porn mode', the InPrivate feature on the firm's newest version of Internet Explorer hides the browsing history from any other people who are using the same computer.

The setting will definitely come as a blow to internet rival Google which relies heavily on users' browsing histories to deliver targeted advertising.

View the full article click here

Coke Zero rebrands for Quantum of Solace launch

Coca-Cola are to launch limited edition Coke Zero bottles, which will be rolled out next month, rebranded as 'Zero Zero 7' for the latest film in the James Bond series Quantum of Solace.

Although the campiagn has a nice tie-in with the dark, edgey male audience of the film, I still feel that Coke Zero will need to work a lot harder at convincing its audience of its brand values.