Thursday, 11 September 2008

Intel Studio campaign streams live voting to underground digital panels!

Over the last year or so, CBS outdoor has grown their 'Alive' offering, which includes Digital Escalator Panels, LCD Screens, and Cross Track Projectors, from one station to many, now covering most Zone 1 stations on the London Underground.

Intel have used this growing platform to their advantage, taking it somewhere we have never seen before. The new Intel Studio campaign allows unsigned bands to upload their tracks in an attempt to be heard. Using a voting system on the site a winner will be chosen, and have their dreams of making big a reality.

Using London Underground digital screens, Intel will stream live chart updates from the site to the screens every time the ad is run, keeping everyone up to date on how the competition is going.

I think this shows fantastic innovation, and is yet another step forward for the media channel. The campaign idea is relevant and fits will with the media chosen, which will hopefully encourage more advertisers to push the boundaries.