Wednesday, 26 November 2008

YouTube – now in widescreen

Just a quick note, for those like me, who have unbelievably neglected YouTube since yesterday… YouTube is now widescreen! That’s right, you can now view YouTube videos in a larger environment allowing for higher quality viewing when watching trailers, films etc.

This new 960 pixel layout has already had mixed reviews for the community however, and even though standard videos play just as well on the new format, it seems that some would still like the player size to be optional. Personally I think it looks great!

Monday, 24 November 2008

‘One Spring Away’ latest single by ‘From’ – Can you spot the adverts featured?

The band: From, have released a video for their latest single ‘One Spring Away’, which takes the form of a 41 commercial mash up.

Via Adverlab

Grandma's Dead: Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals

Need I say more… well probably a little more. ‘Grandma's Dead: Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals’ is a book by Amanda McCall and Ben Schwartz, and according to the New York Daily News is tipped to be the popular stocking filler of 2008.

The book is full with adorable animals next to captions such as ‘Dreams don’t come true’, and ‘I’m banging your wife’, officially went on sale on the 28th October, and already has a supporting website and Facebook group (Grandma's Dead: Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals Facebook Group).

Only time will tell whether this could be the next, famous for bringing us its collection of cat pictures with silly captions, which last month stepped into the offline world with its book 'Lolcat Colleckshun'.

The book 'Lolcat Colleckshun' was a media favourite last month when it sold out websites within the first day of release. The site currently receives over 10,000 captioned photos each day, and has grown into a global phenomenon since the site was created in January 2007 (sold in September 2007 valuing the site at $2 Million).

Friday, 21 November 2008

Dogs Trust, Nintendo, and Girls Aloud team up to promote responsible ownership

Animal charity Dogs Trust, and Nintendo have teamed up in an attempt to show potential dog owners the commitment needed to care for a dog before buying one. Using popular game Nintendogs, and with the help of Girls Aloud, the partnership will build upon the Dogs Trust’s existing educational programme within schools teaching children the responsibilities involved in owning a dog.

As part of the scheme, and starting in London, Nintendo will be donating Nintendo DS consoles and copies of Nintendogs to Dogs Trust for use in their educational outreach programme. Especially around Christmas this should hopefully teach children that there is a lot more to looking after a dog then meets the eye.

This is a great idea, and with the PR created around the use of Girls Aloud in the media this should be a great awareness driver for the campaign, and a brilliant way for the Dogs Trust to reach their target audience.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Classic Guinness ad given second chance to shine

Over the last few days you may have noticed that in the National Press there have been appearances from a few classic brands and their adverts of yesteryear. The ads are appearing in the latest campaign by the Newspaper Marketing Agency, which includes the brands Guinness, Volkswagen, and Heinz, all of which over the years have used newspapers to strengthen and grow their brand.

The adverts appearing are as follows:

Original 'Toucan' Guinness advert (1930s - 1980s) next to Newspaper Marketing Agency 'Iconic Ads - Toucan' version

Original 'Lemon' Volkswagen advert (1959) alongside Newspaper Marketing Agency 'Iconic Ads - Lemon' version

Original 'Ketchup' Heinz advert (2007) alongside Newspaper Marketing Agency 'Iconic Ads - Ketchup' version

This is a nice way during this time to remind everyone of the strengths of different media channels, and although the NMA focuses more and more on how Newspapers are evolving and moving forward. It is also important to remember the success stories, and showcase those historic campaigns which still look comfortable and at home in the National Press, perhaps the most traditional of advertising channels.

For more information on this campaign, or to test your knowledge with the 'Iconic Quiz' click through to the Newspaper Marketing Agency here: Newspaper Marketing Agency website

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

JCDecaux and Sky launch Outdoor News Channel

It was announced yesterday on the JCDecaux website that they have joined forces with Sky News to bring London commuters the latest news on their way to work via their PrimeTime network.

As of yesterday 18th November the 16 digital billboards, making up the PrimeTime network around London, will be able to provide the latest headlines, business news, sport, show business and weather, with content updated via a live data feed.

According to the article ‘55% of London’s commuters still travel to work by car’, presenting an excellent opportunity to for JCDecaux to reach them with relevant content. This is a brilliant idea, drawing on the strengths of outdoor as a media channel, and more importantly the new advantages that PrimeTime has demonstrated.

Digital as we all know is revolutionising advertising, across all media channels, and with the attraction of Transvision in our train stations over the years proving that this can work, I can’t see why this would not be successful on the roadside.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Banardo’s Advert provoking debate after recent study

A recent study released by YouGov has found that ‘more than half the population believe UK children behave like animals’. The study by YouGov, and commissioned by children's charity Barnardo's asked 2,021 adults a series of questions about today’s youth, with some less than favourable results. This in turn has provoked an ad campaign compiled of actual comments about the youth of today posted on online blogs, which has already caused quite a debate.

LEGO fashion show - By Jean Charles de Castelbajac

This is a new video for Jean Charles de Castelbajac, who has chosen to unveil his Spring/Summer 3001 collection with an animated LEGO-populated fashion show.

Via Adverblog

Hewlett Packard ‘Itkwando’ Viral

This is quite simply a scrolling beat em produced for Hewlett Packard, in the style of Streets of Rage 2, but set in the world of IT. You play Dave, with the task of defeating the foes of Network Security. Although slightly random, this is rather addictive, and so is exactly what we look for in an online game.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Sonny the Shrimp - Creature Discomforts viral game (4 of 4)

The fourth and final online game is here, as part of an ongoing awareness campaign for Leonard Cheshire Disability, starring a series of Aardman Animation’s hallmark plasticine creations.

Fishing Fiasco featuring Sonny the Shrimp requires the user to help Sonny save as many fish as possible by jumping in front of the bait. As previously mentioned with the earlier instalments players are competing for the chance to win one of five prizes (a signed and framed print of the Creature Discomforts character featured in the game), with an additional star prize given at the end of the campaign.

Earlier in the month I posted on Funkadelic Advertising stories relating to the other games which can be found here. The first featuring Callum the Chameleon (Creature Discomforts viral games launched as part of ongoing Leonard Cheshire Disability campaign), the second starring Millie the Mouse (Millie the Mouse - Creature Discomforts viral game (2 of 4)), and the third starring Tim the Tortoise (Tim the Tortoise - Creature Discomforts viral game (3 of 4)). Enjoy!!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Project Direct: YouTube's short film competition is here!

YouTube's annual short film competition, Project Direct, is back with another chance for a budding film maker to see themselves jetting straight to The Sundance Film Festival.

The submissions open as of the 16th November and close on the 14th December, with the judging due to start on the December 27th voted by the YouTube community.

For more information there is a Project Direct channel on YouTube, with rules (including those must use props), further details, and of course the other submissions. Good luck everyone!

Galaxy's 'Miss Kiss' with Metro

Galaxy have launched a new campaign in collaboration with Metro in order to promote their Mistletoe Kisses product, in a way that will certainly brighten up some people's winter mornings.

The campaign comprises of a young lady known as Miss Kiss visiting certain cities around the UK puckering up and planting her lips on unsuspecting bystanders in the true spirit of Christmas.

The campaign is supported by a microsite on, with a competition, e-kiss service, and advice on holiday smooching. There is also daily coverage in Metro on what Miss Kiss has been getting up to. I think this is a nice little campaign, although i would have thought that something more in keeping with the recent Aero Bubbles campaign (Below) would have better suited the target audience. However saying that i couldn't quite see this working with a 'Mr Kiss' running around the country jumping out on unsuspecting women.

Aero Bubbles TV Campaign - Starring Jason Lewis

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Jaden Smith to star as Karate Kid in 80's remake

It's true, Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith (now 10 years old), is to play the lead role in the remake of the 80's classic The Karate Kid. Some of you may remember Jaden from his first appearance on our screens in the 2006 movie The Pursuit of Happyness, in which he starred alongside his father.

Jaden will follow Ralph Macchio who starred as the original Karate Kid in 1984, which followed the story of Daniel Larusso, a bullied schoolboy who is taught Karate by handyman and martial arts master, Mr. Miyagi, learning some valuable lessons about life... and himself, along the way... or something like that.

Famous for legendary cult scenes such as the above, Karate Kid will follow a recent trend of 80's remakes, including 'Footloose' starring Zac Efron of High School fame.

Thank you Anita Sarawak for highlighting this!!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Fortheloveofwispa – new Wispa campaign needs you!!

Do you love Wispa? Ahh, but do you really love Wispa? Well this is the question posed in the new Wispa campaign inviting the public to pledge whatever they can to help with the making of their new advert.

The advert I saw was in the London Metro this morning, with simply an example of a pledge, and the website address Upon entering the website you are introduced to the Fortheloveofwispa campaign, with a countdown to the 1st December closing date. As you can see below, the pledges range from Masks to Airfields, and Stuntmen to Grandmas. You can even donate yourself if need be, and in the words of the Fortheloveofwispa site ‘create your own little piece of advertising history’.

Fortheloveofwispa Pledge Page

This is a really interesting way in getting Wispa lovers involved in the lovable 80’s chocolate bar, brought back to life this year with the help pf a convincing argument set by a Facebook group. So along with 85 others, I have pledged a Mexican Wave!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Could this be the future of Instore Advertising?

An interactive Mirror may seem like a pretty pointless gimmick, and that is certainly the the way this is being perceived by many of the viewers leaving comments on YouTube, but i think there are far more uses for this if handled correctly.

As you will see from the video, the technology introduced to us by Lit Studios relies on the person in front of the mirror interacting or playing with what is on the screen, which surely means that if there could be a message which is not blocking the reflection, then this could be a very clever advertising tool.

Imagine a changing room with a mirror which allowed you to view products from the store without leaving the cubicle, or interact briefly with an iTunes like application, maybe even entering your details for a competition or discount coupon. The ideas seem endless, and with the fact that the consumer is already in front of your ad then surely this begins to be very exciting concept.

Iron Man and Incredible Hulk Easter Eggs hint at The Avengers Movie!

I was chatting to a friend this weekend who informed me that there was an Easter Egg at the end of the credits of the latest Marvel film Iron Man, where Samuel L. Jackson makes his first appearance as Nick Fury director of S.H.I.E.L.D. How I did not spot this sooner I don’t know, but for all of you out there, like me, here it is...

Scene at the end of the Iron Man Movie

There was another clip I found also while searching for this, which makes the claim that the infamous shield of Captain America, can be seen in one of the Iron Man Scenes, possibly a early indication of the 2011 release of ‘The Avengers’.

Captain America's Shield in Iron Man Movie

At the end of the Incredible Hulk Movie, there is yet another hint of what is to come when Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr) makes an unaccredited appearance relaying the message from Fury of the possibility of putting together 'The Avengers' team.

Scene at the end of the Incredible Hulk Movie

Exciting stuff, as I’m sure all fans of the Marvel series will agree!!

YouTube Offers Deep Linking to the best parts of your videos

YouTube have posted that they can now offer the ability to deep link to a specific part of a video on their site, which has already been a massive hit by their users. This effectively means that if you find a part of a video hilariously funny for example, you can forward not only the link to the clip, but just that specific part (handy if it’s a 20 minute video).

The process could not be easier, to create a deep link to a video, add the following to the end of a YouTube video URL: #t=1m15s. This says to link to the time 1:15 - you can replace the numbers before the 'm' and the 's' with anything you like depending on where you want to link to.

Return to Tastebuddyland with Robinsons

To support their ongoing campaign, Robinsons have created a website compiling of three mini games in order to allow us to get better acquainted to the Tastebuddys, and see what things are like from their perspective.

The online games are of a very good quality and are pretty addictive, with users being invited to carry out tasks such as navigating wasps around the garden, and guiding the mini Tastebuddy characters safely across the pond. Definitely worth checking out if you have a spare couple of minutes.