Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Facebook Usage - Video infographic

I'm personally a very big fan of this style of video infographics, and so here is an excellent little snapshot of some incredible Facebook usage stats. Regardless of the fact that the video mainly focuses on US usage, I think this is still worth a watch.

Video - The World Is Obsessed With Facebook

My personal favorite stats from this are that apparently 57% of people talk more online, than they do in real life, and that 48% of young Americans said that they find out about what is happening in the news via Facebook.

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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Lynx: Even Angels will Fall - Rich Media Example

As some of you would have seen by now the new Lynx Angels will fall campaign is building nicely into certainly one of my favourite at the moment, and not just due to the scantily clad angels either (this is excluding the crazy big brother style online series for the same campaign in Europe unfortunately). I really like the way the campaign is building, which was only supported further by a MPU I spotted on Media Mind's blog. To jog your memory the TV ad is below.

Video - Lynx Excite TV Advert - Full Length Version

Using google maps and postcode functionality built into the unit the user enters their postcode, to see an angel fall from the sky onto their location. This can be seen from the following link seen here: Creative Zone Served by MediaMind - Lynx - Google Maps

Pic 1: Lynx Angels will fall rich MPU

Pic 2: Lynx Angels will fall rich MPU

Pic 3: Lynx Angels will fall rich MPU

Pic 4: Lynx Angels will fall rich MPU


Monday, 21 February 2011

Cravendale Goodbye Cow, Pirate and Cyclist advert

As sad as I am to say, one of my favorite creatives of all time is ending, Cravendale Milk are no longer going to be using Not To Scale's directing duo Pic Pic Andre's characters for their commercials. The 'Goodbye Cow,Pirate, and Cyclist' ad created by Wieden + Kennedy and Pic Pic Andre now pays homage to the previous adverts with a quirky, and I'm sure you'll agree emotional, tune to support the work. Enjoy!

Video - Goodbye Cow, Pirate and Cyclist

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

BT Chat for Change - Comic Relief Video

Comic Relief is here once again, and as one of the sponsors, BT is calling upon everyone to get involved and do their bit. Friday 18th February is 'BT Chat for Change' day and they will donate 1p to Comic Relief for every BT home landline call.

Video - BT Chat for Change

1. Other ways to get involved including retweeting the following: BT will donate 1p to Comic Relief for every BT home landline call on Feb 18. Call someone with a joke to take part! #BTChatforChange


2. Visiting -


3. Sharing the promotional video above


Valentine's Day - Victoria's Secret Do's & Don'ts

A tad late but here is a nice video from Victoria's Secret for Valentine's Day highlighting some of the classic do's and don'ts.

Video - Valentine Do's & Don'ts from Victoria's Secret