Friday, 31 July 2009

Guitar Hero 5 viral video - 'Naked Girls Get Interrupted'

This is a new video by Guitar Hero 5, promoting their upcoming game with a very different style. The video (See below) entitled 'Naked Girls Get Interrupted' sees four naked women strutting down the street along with Music Steve (your not so average male model), covered only by the titles of the songs featured in the game.

Video 1 - Guitar Hero 5 viral video “Naked Girls Get Interrupted”

The video is a spoof of a French Music Video which was very successful in the Viral Video Charts earlier in the year. The video for Make The Girl Dance 'Baby Baby Baby' (See below) saw a chain of girls similarly strutting to the sound of the music again with the lyrics of the song covering their dignity.

Video 1 - Make The Girl Dance 'Baby Baby Baby'


Guss Pickles and BK 7 Incher ads - Has subtlety really died?

While it seems that yes okay the German Sprite 'BJ ad' was in fact a fake, and was pulled from every possible source within hours of the blogs going crazy for it, some brands out there still choose to go down the route of 'suggestive' content. Here are a couple of recent examples which are about as subtle as the Diesel XXX Party Viral released for their 30th birthday last year.

Pic 1 - Guss Pickles advert

Pic 2 - BK 7 Incher advert

So is subtlety really dead, or do some brands generally think that people these days are too busy to 'get it' when they put together an advert of risque innuendo and cunning imagery/ wordplay. Personally I think it's a case of good old attention grabbing, which is fine, but I do think there is a time and a place for it (selling a pickle emporium in a way which looks like a cut scene from the Incredible Hulk not being one of them).

BMW Museum stop-animation ad

This is a cool stop-animation ad by BMW to promote the BMW Museum in Munich, the ad features a convey of model BMW Isettas (a car famously re-engineered by BMW in the 50's).

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

New Compare the meerkat outtakes - featuring Sergei

This is just a quick post as a lot of people have been finding their way to an older post with the original Compare the Meerkat Blooper reel, instead of the new ones. So for all of you who are yet to see the new Compare the meerkat outtakes starring both Aleksandr Orlov and his IT Support Engineer Sergei, enjoy...

Video - Official Compare the Meerkat Sergei Bloopers

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Monday, 27 July 2009

Spotify iPhone App preview

It's nearly upon us. Quite possibly one of the most anticipated music apps, and from what I've seen, and heard, in my view one of the best. Set to be available for premium subscribers via the App Store.

Video - Spotify iPhone App in action

As Spotify continues to grow, now at 2.15M UK unique users alone, the Spotify application will allow users to listen to individual songs, full albums, or even create playlists, which users can store songs to listen to offline.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Harry Potter Casts 'Twitter Spells' on your followers

This is a brilliant little app for all those Harry Potter fans out there, which just can't get enough of the box office smash 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' released Worldwide last week. 'Hogwarts Wizarding Class' (Found here: allows Twitterers out there to cast spells on their unsuspecting follows, giving them the option to send in a flock of birds (See below), shroud their page in darkness, or send them a love potion.

Pic 1 - Harry Potter Tweet

I think this is a really nice idea, and is very in the spirit of the movies. Developed by Warner Brothers the app is certainly one of the best uses of Twitter I have seen from a brand and hope fully raises the bar to a new level.

Pic 2 - Harry Potter Tweet (Photo Credit Revolution)

My only reservation is on the subject of how comfortable the Twitterverse is in divulging there login details to every new app that appears, but I guess we will see as more and more of them appear.

Monday, 20 July 2009

YouTube Tests 3D Videos

Firstly a warning, this probably will give you a headache, it did me. But yes it is true, over the weekend YouTube began experimenting with 3D videos. Although this only appears to be the pet project of one Googler, "developer working on the stereoscopic player as a 20% project", it is still pretty cool, and gives us something interesting to talk about. To read up on how to achieve this on YouTube view here.

Pic - Photo Credit

Via - Gizmodo

Banned German Sprite Advert

This is an ad doing the rounds today which was banned in Germany for... well I think it's quite obvious why. Pretty random, and I'm sure quite uncomfortable to watch if you're one of Sprite's younger 'teenage' demographic watching TV with the parents, with a Britney Spears lookalike getting a 'Sprite Necklace' during the ad break.

UPDATE: It turns out that, yes, it was a fake all along! Although the original ad was pulled from YouTube, you can view below courtesy of Young Turks, and The Huffington Post.

Video - Banned German Sprite Ad

'Three Keyboard Cat Moon Shirt'

Okay so first there was the 'Three Wolf Moon' shirt, which rather epically entered our lives a few months ago, with the classic reviews on which sent sales soaring 2,300%. Then there was 'Keyboard Cat' which featured 'Fatso' owned by Charlie Schmidt, wearing a blue shirt and "playing" an upbeat rhythm on an electronic keyboard. Well now there is the 'Three Keyboard Cat Moon Shirt', have we seen enough? Probably yes, but as always with the Internet you never know.

Pic - Three Keyboard Cat Moon Shirt

Pic - Three Wolf Moon Shirt

Video - Keyboard Cat

Via - threadless

Friday, 17 July 2009

Durex - 'Condoms That Generate Desire' New advert

This is a new ad by Durex in France which certainly gives you a hint of the power contained within this prophylactic. Works brilliantly to the sound of ABBA, as the wrapper floats through the streets causing havoc, revealing the tag line 'Les préservatifs qui donnent envie' or 'Condoms That Generate Desire'.

Durex - "Les préservatifs qui donnent envie"

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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Fosters 'Ozometer' Twitter App

As part of their latest campaign Fosters have launched their new 'Ozometer' Twitter application to try and work out just how 'Aussie' us Brits really are. According to the Fosters site, the 'Ozometer' Twitter App works by scanning thousands of Tweets every minute, and determines whether they are 'More' or 'Less' Aussie when compared to a predetermined list of words and phrases.

On the site users can view the live feed of Tweets as their fate is decided with a percentage grade, search for their own Twitter account, and view the current rankings by Celebrity, Place, or People. Although this does not necessarily seem like something radically new, I really like this. Dipping into the positive Vs. negative Tweets is actually really entertaining, and similarly to Twistori (Shown below), can easily sap up minutes of your time.

I'm curious to see how this campaign evolves, and will certainly be looking out for my Tweets in the charts. For further information on how the app works, all info is on the Fosters site here.


I've just in an article on Revolution, that further to this Fosters have partnered with to give users a fully 'Aussie' experience complete with advertorials, quizzes, updates, and competitions (As if 'Assess My Breasts', 'Beach Babes getting wild' and the 'Naked Chanelle special' wasn't enough already). You can view the full article here: 'Fosters launches Twitter app: find out how Aussie you are'.


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Original Ghostbusters Car on eBay

It seems that quite rightly so the World still loves Ghostbusters. The original movie released in 1984, and then was responsible for two sequels (1989, and one coming in 2012), countless cartoons and toys, a fully casted computer game, and countless other tributes including that of the UK Directory service 118 118.

Anyway now it appears that yes, you to can own a piece of Ghostbusters history, with the release of the 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance limo that was transformed by Universal Studios into the Ecto-1 Ghostbusters car, now being auctioned off on eBay. Those interested can view the auction here: Original Ghostbusters Car on eBay

BTW the bidding currently stands at $45,100.00!!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Office 2010 The Movie Trailer

This is certainly an entertaining way to round off my Monday afternoon, the 'Movie Trailer' for Microsoft Office 2010.


Friday, 10 July 2009

Evian Roller Babies Advert

Personally I find this slightly terrifying (Ally McBeal has scared me for life), but everyone's raving about it and it is kind of cool. On youTube the original Evian Roller Babies Advert video currently stands at 3,349,133 views since the beginning of this month, and looks set to continue.

The ad has been accompanied by a website jam packed with interviews, videos, making of's, music, and loads of other goodies. The website is


Apple App Store Turns 1 (a good excuse for a fact or two)

Happy Birthday to the Apple's iTunes App Store which turns 1 today. Apple has celebrated the fact by highlighting it on the iTunes front page, and putting together this page (below) with a rainbow arrangement of apps, similar to the Pulsing Wall of iPhone Apps posted last month. In the full spirit of all things app related I thought that it was the perfect excuse for some app related facts (as much for your amusement, as for giving myself a place to find them all again in the future).

Apple iTunes App Store Trivia:

1) The App Store first opened its doors on the morning of July 10th 2008

2) The most expensive app sold in the App Store was the 'I Am Rich' app released in August 2008, this was "a work of art with no hidden function at all", with its only purpose being to show other people that they were able to afford it. It cost a whopping £599.99 ($999.99). The application was removed from the App Store the day following its release, on August 6, 2008, however Six people had allegedly already bought it before it was pulled.

3) The one billionth app downloaded was "Bump", created by Bump Technologies, was downloaded by Connor Mulcahey, age 13, of Weston, who was hailed the grand prize winner of Apples one billion app countdown contest.

4) US blog 'Busted Loop' revealed after some research that in order to buy all 55,732 apps that were available as of 7th July 2009 you would need to fork out $144,326.06 (An average of about £1.60 per app to you and me).

5) In May 2009 Pinch Media analyzed 30 million iPhone app downloads and discovered that only 5% of users will open either a free or paid app 30 days after the initial download.

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Lego 'Making History' Campiagn: Ali, Tank, and Brandenburg ads

Here are a few ads from the Lego 'Making History' campaign which I've seen today, and so thought I'd share them with you all.

Lego 'Making History' Campaign: Ali advert

Lego 'Making History' Campaign: Tank advert

Lego 'Making History' Campaign: Brandenburg advert

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Xbox Shockwaves Guitar Hero 100

Shockwaves together with Xbox have launched the Shockwaves Guitar Hero 100 "Summer of Music 2009" to find the Ultimate Guitar Hero here in the UK. Offering a wide range of prizes and free content to users getting involved. In order to enter download the Shockwaves gamerpics (either play and win, or tournament), then play along to your favourite World Tour tracks (Tournament tracks: Motohead - Overkill, Oasis - Some Might Say, The Enemy - Aggro).

A nice idea, plus free stuff always works in grabbing a bit of attention. This is also a good way of hitting the Summer festival scene, with XBOX always having a good presence at the key festivals. Footage of the "Shockwaves Summer Of Music" will also be made available for everyone to keep up to date, which if anything like the below YouTube example is sure to be strangely amazing.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Samsung 'The Last Call' 24-Hour Dance Off

This evening will see the start of a 24-hour dance-off as part of 'The Last Call' campaign for Samsung's BEAT DJ music phone. As of 6pm tonight 100 people from all across Europe will compete in a 24-hour silent disco as part of the campaign listening to music on their phone with the aim of dancing uninterrupted until 6pm tomorrow night.

If at any time throughout the 24-hours one of the competitors receives a call or text, they are out. The prize for the last man or woman standing will be €10,000 to take the Swedish singer September out to dinner, and keep the left over money.

The whole event can viewed on the, and viewers are also able to tweet during the event, view the playlist on Spotify, and upload images to be projected. Over the last few weeks, the dancers have been busy making their pleas to not receive calls or texts during the dance, so Good Luck team GBR!!


... and the winner is:

Liz McClarnon stars in Andrex Shea Butter Ad (for lingerie... oh and toilet tissue)

Together with British lingerie designer Ayten Gasson, Andrex have created a limited edition range of Knickers, for new product Andrex Shea Butter. The ad sees Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon strutting her stuff in front of the famous Andrex Pup. Liz showing off her pants, the puppy showing off his luxurious toilet tissue.

Michael Jackson's memorial today tipped as Largest online event in history

Today may see the memorial service for Michael Jackson become the largest online event in the history, as Worldwide, news networks and media companies set to cover the event including CNN via Facebook Connect (first used on a mass scale during President Obama's inauguration). The CNN Facebook Connect coverage will allow users to watch live online, as well as comment, and update their pages at the same time. The live event can be viewed at 12pm ET here:

Over the last week and a half since his death, traffic across the Internet has exploded, with figures relating to tweets, blogs, and YouTube viewings going through the roof. Michael Jackson's Facebook fan page is even currently sat as the most popular on Facebook over taking that of Barack Obama (the previous number one) with 6,708,180 (up from 80,00 before his death according to Times Online). You can read more about how Michael Jackson nearly broke the Internet here on Nick Burcher's blog: 'Michael Jackson nearly breaks the Internet - Total traffic, Searches, tweets etc all showing massive volumes'

Eternal Moonwalk: Michael Jackson tribute

A little late to post about the death of Michael Jackson as I was on holiday in Las Vegas (with what seemed like every casino blasting Jackson hits onto the strip) I felt like I had to write something, and this is the best of what I've seen. gives fans the opportunity to pay their respects in the best way possible by Moonwalking of course, the videos are then joined together to the sound of Jacko's music. Also I know there are some people out there who like me cannot moonwalk to save their lives, and so users can also find a 'How to Moonwalk' video on the site too.