Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Michael Jackson's memorial today tipped as Largest online event in history

Today may see the memorial service for Michael Jackson become the largest online event in the history, as Worldwide, news networks and media companies set to cover the event including CNN via Facebook Connect (first used on a mass scale during President Obama's inauguration). The CNN Facebook Connect coverage will allow users to watch live online, as well as comment, and update their pages at the same time. The live event can be viewed at 12pm ET here: http://CNN.com/Live

Over the last week and a half since his death, traffic across the Internet has exploded, with figures relating to tweets, blogs, and YouTube viewings going through the roof. Michael Jackson's Facebook fan page is even currently sat as the most popular on Facebook over taking that of Barack Obama (the previous number one) with 6,708,180 (up from 80,00 before his death according to Times Online). You can read more about how Michael Jackson nearly broke the Internet here on Nick Burcher's blog: 'Michael Jackson nearly breaks the Internet - Total traffic, Searches, tweets etc all showing massive volumes'