Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Simpsons Adidas Tribute and Xbox 'House Party' experience

Last month I posted about the new campaign by Adidas celebrating 60 years of their Adidas Originals collections, the campaign features a brilliant ad which takes place at a house party (the theme of their “60 Years of Soles and Stripes” at Milan Fashion week), and brings together a host of stars including David Beckham, Katy Perry, and Missy Elliott to the music of 'Beggin' by MADCON.

Using this concept to celebrate 20 years of originality Sky 1 have spoofed the Adidas creative for The Simpsons using clips from the show to recreate the ‘House Party’ TV ad. It has even been added to the Adidas Originals YouTube Channel with the message “As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery, so we tip our hats to Sky 1, Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa and Maggie for their celebration of originality”.

As an extension to their ongoing campaign Adidas have also just released their next phase of the campaign with a digital initiative within Xbox live. The Xbox Live activity features interactive video-in-video technology (which enables users to click at various points of the video to view additional footage) and as well as editorial spots. The Xbox activity will also give users the opportunity to download snippets of the video featuring celebrities, themes, and gamer pictures (including stars such as DMC, Dynamo, David Beckham, Missy Elliot, Estelle, and the Ting Tings).

Reebok - Valde boots Thierry Henry product test ad

This is a pretty simple ad from Reebok for their new Valde football boots, but I think you’ll agree demonstrates everything it needs to. Plus guys love exploding things and football so this ticks some of the boxes.


Honda ‘Let it Shine’ Headlights ad

I thought I would post the following ad which caught my attention this week, the new Honda ad from Wieden & Kennedy which is apparently the largest ‘LED Screen’ ever created, using the headlights of their new affordable hybrid. Similarly to a massive Lite-Brite with a difference, the cars are hooked up to a computer to create the below light show.

The creative agency have also released a 'making of' video which takes the user through the whole process, an interesting way of further engaging those interested. I know this is nothing new, but it is firstly interesting to see that users are now expecting this sort of extra love, and secondly it is good to see brands satisfying them.

This is the 'Making of' Video for those interested:

Thursday, 26 March 2009

MINI Clubman Viral - 'Have you seen that?'

MINI in the US have launched this neat video for MINI Clubman which cleverly pokes fun at the purpose built viral video trend, of which I'm sure we're all familiar. Pre-empting the usual response to a 'viral' the video identifies that yes everything in the clip is in fact fake, including the line 'I think we're in a viral'.


Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Super Chameleon - RayBan 'Never Hide' Campaign

Here is a quick post regarding the latest addition to the Ray-Ban 'Never Hide' campaign, which over the past year has provided us with a pretty cool and varied collection of viral videos based around the premise of not being afraid to show who you really are. The latest video in the series shows a chameleon walking across a colourful collection of Ray-Ban glasses changing colours as he goes to the music of YUKSEK 'Eat My Bear'.

The other videos can be found on the 'Never Hide' YouTube Channel, with the Ray-Ban website explaining more about the 'Never Hide' campaign, and community.

Finally, I know that this may not be entirely real, but I now want the following:

1) A chameleon
2) A shed load of coloured sun-glasses


Monday, 23 March 2009

Yell - new 118 247 campaign

I had to get this down on a post as the tune is still haunting me this fine Monday morning. For those of you who can't relate, you obviously have yet to see the new advert by directory service Yell. The animated ad for UK business directory enquiries service 118 247, features the signature tune of cult Internet character Magical Trevor and has been devised by Rapier, and was launched on Friday 20th March. For anyone who hasn't seen the 118 247 ad yet, here it is.

The 30 TV second ad featuring 'Directory heaven from Yellow pages', will also be supported by radio activity, as well as a 60 second version on the 118247 Youtube channel, with other activity including a Facebook fan pages, Twitter, and Flikr profiles.

Even though it is still in its infancy I've found this campaign very impressive as the competitor arena has been pretty busy, and largely dominated by 118 118 with their recent 80's revival, and Lost sponsorship on Sky 1. It will be interesting to see how 118247 continue this campaign, and what else they have up their sleeves.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Mail Media Centre new website

It has been a while now since I have planned any direct mail in any of my campaigns, my clients now are fully in the brand arena which leaves little room for it. I do however still like to keep up to date on all media channels at my disposal, as you never know when you might need them... so queue the new website brought to us by the Royal Mail, the Mail Media Centre.

This is a neat hub for all thing DM with pretty much everything you could possibly ask for, including a detailed knowledge centre, a slick creative showcase, and planning and evaluation tips/ techniques.

One thing in particular which caught my attention about the site was the way in which I found it. Playing on DM's ability to engage all of the senses of the recipient the Mail Media Centre mailed out gel heat pads which when heated revealed their message.

This was combined with tip-on's in the industry mags, as well as a coverwrap in Campaign all with a heat sensitive hand print, again revealing a MMC message when warmed up. You can visit the new site here: www.mmc.co.uk

Compare the Meerkat Outtakes

Aleksandr Orlov everyone's favourite meerkat is back once again, this time with his blooper reel from the original adverts. The video sees Aleksandr falling victim of those classic outtake situations, and is a great extension of the campaign.

The Compare The Meerkat Bloopers were uploaded to the Comparethemeerkat.com site on Tuesday and have already generated much interest from the blogging community. This is another fine example of the great work from Compare The Market, with Aleksandr Orlov continuing to generate friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter (@Aleksandr_Orlov). Last week we saw Aleksandr taking part in 'Brand Aid' for Red Nose Day, you can read the post here: Comic Relief - 'Brand Aid' Ad

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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Google Street View hits the UK

Right, so everyone today is talking about Google Street View finally coming to the UK, and quite rightly so, its funking awesome, and everyone loves the challenge of working out when the pictures were taken, along with other evolving past times such as looking at your house, friend's house, celebrates houses (maybe not the later one, but you get the idea).

Anyway Google Street View is now live in 25 cities across the UK including London, Belfast, Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh... and Norwich, nearly two years after it first launched in the US in May 2007. You can view it by simply going onto Google Maps, and selecting the little man icon in the top left of the map screen.

Interestingly according to Brand Republic there has also been partnerships by Visit Britain, FancyaPint.com, The London Mayor and Tate set up with Google and have selected a gallery of Street View images that showcase UK tourist attractions. The first of a whole host of opportunities I'm sure we will see as Street View rolls out further.

I also wanted to mention a brilliant piece of Street View art, set up on May 3rd 2008, by artists Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley. They invited the Google Street View team as well as residents of Pittsburgh’s Northside, and put together a series of pictures including a seventeenth century sword fight, a heroic rescue scene, marching band, and huge rubber chicken.

It would be interesting to see whether there will be similar stunts, or even brand involvement integrated somehow into the UK Street View mapping process.

An earlier mention of this came from Rick Lamb, along with this post from Nick Burcher using Google Streetview to re-create album covers.

L'Oreal - 'Every mum is worth it' campaign

This is quite a nice one from L'Oreal Paris thinking of our Mother's during the countdown to this Mother's Day. The 'Every mum is worth it' campaign centres around the website and offers a whole host of goodies, ideas, and sentimental ways in which you can let you Mum know you care.

The homepage features messages/ videos from visitors within a collage, including some dropped in by the L'Oreal celebrates including Andie MacDowell, Claudia Schiffer, Jane Fonda, and Milla Jovovich. With other features including competitions to exclusive L'Oreal screenings to Momma Mia, or goody bags, as well as plenty of gift ideas.

Samsung - BaaaStuds Sheep LED Viral

This is another viral from Samsung for their LED range, entitled 'BaaaStuds'. It sees a whole heap of sheep on a hill in Wales, being herded in different ways in order to create some very interesting images. Sounds crazy, but is looks pretty cool.

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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Outtakes - Ricky Gervais and Elmo on 'Sesame Street'

This is a brilliant series of outtakes filmed when Ricky Gervais took a visit to the set of Sesame Street. Taken during his interview with every one's favourite Muppet Elmo. This is the video below for all of those yet to see it.

The full episode is to air this November when Sesame Street opens with its 40th anniversary. Enjoy!

Thank you to Lozzanger for pointing this in my direction.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Dockers Launch World’s First 'Motion-Sensitive' Ad for iPhone

Dockers have announced the release of what is believed to be the first truly interactive, "shakable" mobile advertisement within iPhone, which will sit within a series of applications (iBasketball, iGolf, iBowl and iTV) and will be released this month and run for four weeks.

The ad developed by Razorfish and OMD, and titled ‘Shakedown 2 Get Down’ features Dufon a freestyle dance expressionist from the Seattle dance group ‘Circle of Fire’, and uses the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer, to see him dancing around the screen within the application.

Between the various levels of game play users will be asked to ‘shake 2 activ8’ the iPhone to make Dufon dance.

This is quite an exciting idea, especially as this could see a new wave in ways in which brands can captivate their audience through new technology with engaging advertising placements as opposed to apps alone.

Comic Relief - 'Brand Aid' Ad

Comic Relief is upon us once again with everyone pulling together this year to do 'Something Funny for Money', this year Comic Relief has made sure that everyone who wants to donate can donate with a host of innovative Red Nose solutions such as three different noses, pin badges and car magnets, as well as iPhone red nose applications and t-shirts. There has also been support pulled from our very own advertising world with ad agency Fallon creating the below 'Brand Aid' advert.

The 'Brand Aid' ad features stars from commercials from the last few decades getting together to discuss how they can raise money for Comic Relief. The ad features characters including the PG Tips monkey chairing the meeting, Smash Mash Martian, Michael Winner, Cadbury's Gorilla, the Churchill dog, 118 118 runners, Peperami Animal, Bertie Bassett, the Admiral 'Admiral Insurance', Captain Birdseye, Honey Monster, and even Aleksandr founder of 'Compare the Meerkat' via video link.

Click here to visit the Comic Relief website: www.RedNoseDay.com

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Killzone 2 - World Wide War Campaign

To promote the release of the new first person shooter Killzone 2, which was released on the PS3 on February 27th 2009, a war is raging online and every one's invited. The Killzone 2 Web Game is effectively a 'World Wide War' which allows users to surf the net as normal but with the threat of being ambushed at any point by the ruthless Helghast.

To play users simply register, choose whether they want to fight as a lone wolf, or as part as a squad, install the Killzone toolbar, and your ready to roll. Then by simply signing in, users can browse the web as they normally would with the game kicking in as soon as the enemy appears on the screen.

I really like this idea, and think it is a very interesting way of cutting through it a pretty busy and noisy environment. The gaming industry seems to be a very dog-eat-dog world where word of mouth and community have become key. You only need to look at the success of the latest Video Game Baftas to see that online has become one of the key drivers to a games success, and therefore allowing the target audience to interact before hand, as in the aforementioned Killzone Webgame example is a brilliant move.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Virgin Mobile - Right Music Wrongs

Virgin Mobile Australia have launched their new 'Right Music Wrongs' campaign, which finally gives users the chance to vote and nominate the music which has traumatised their lives, and polluted their eardrums. The campaign has kicked off with the trail of Vanilla Ice, and a full video apologising for the release of his hit song 'Ice Ice Baby'.

Virgin Mobile have also included a manifesto outlining exactly what they are trying to achieve, as well as chart of 'Music Wrongs' including such pop favourites as Timmy Mallet, The Crazy Frog, and David Hasselhoff.

I really like this campaign, its a nice idea which aligns Virgin Mobile with music pretty seamlessly. You can view the site here: 'Right Music Wrongs'. Enjoy!!

Monday, 2 March 2009

FIVE USA turns Oxford Street tube into Time Square subway

As part of a launch campaign for new TV channel FIVE USA, Oxford Street tube station has been transformed into Time Square subway station, with every cross track poster reflecting the platform of the famous New York City subway.

Photo - FIVE USA (Photo Credit)

I really like the way this station domination has been executed, and it is pretty impactful, especially on the new cleaner CBS Outdoor formats. Even the XTP (Cross track projectors) were used as part of the placement bringing these two bustling iconic stations together, playing a similar version of the below video.

Lastminute.com Great Thumb Wave advert

Following on from my post on Friday, here is the Lastminute.com Great Thumb Wave advert itself, as it appeared on our screens last Saturday night (28th February 2009).

For those of you who weren’t familiar the Lastminute.com Mexican wave advert was a run of three consecutive 60-second ads on ITV, Channel 4 and Five, which started on Saturday night (28th February 2009) at 9.50pm.

You can read more about it here: Lastminute.com debut Mexican Wave Ad

Golden Tee LIVE 2009 – YouTube video replay

Quite a random one for me now as I’m reasonably unfamiliar with the game, but for millions of players around the world, the virtual golfing game, The Golden Tee, will be a very familiar additional to a cheeky five of a lunchtime.

The Golden Tee has seen various changes throughout its twenty year history, such as the leap from 2D to 3D, through to journeying online so players could partake in real-time competitions. As ‘Incredible Technologies’ marks the 20th anniversary of the Golden Tee Golf brand, they have taken interactivity one step further by offering the option of automatically sending a ‘Great Shot Replays’ straight to YouTube. The example below, a shot made by TV’s John Shepherd, shows an example of what a shot looks like once sent to YouTube.

There will also be an account set up in the users name for them to view or forward to a friend as they wish.

Blackberry Vs. Apple Viral Ad

Just a quick one, created by US agency Guava for the BlackBerry Storm. Quite a nice simple message, although it did make me wonder what damage an apple would have done if it fell on a blackberry at the same speed.