Friday, 13 March 2009

Comic Relief - 'Brand Aid' Ad

Comic Relief is upon us once again with everyone pulling together this year to do 'Something Funny for Money', this year Comic Relief has made sure that everyone who wants to donate can donate with a host of innovative Red Nose solutions such as three different noses, pin badges and car magnets, as well as iPhone red nose applications and t-shirts. There has also been support pulled from our very own advertising world with ad agency Fallon creating the below 'Brand Aid' advert.

The 'Brand Aid' ad features stars from commercials from the last few decades getting together to discuss how they can raise money for Comic Relief. The ad features characters including the PG Tips monkey chairing the meeting, Smash Mash Martian, Michael Winner, Cadbury's Gorilla, the Churchill dog, 118 118 runners, Peperami Animal, Bertie Bassett, the Admiral 'Admiral Insurance', Captain Birdseye, Honey Monster, and even Aleksandr founder of 'Compare the Meerkat' via video link.

Click here to visit the Comic Relief website: