Friday, 13 March 2009

Dockers Launch World’s First 'Motion-Sensitive' Ad for iPhone

Dockers have announced the release of what is believed to be the first truly interactive, "shakable" mobile advertisement within iPhone, which will sit within a series of applications (iBasketball, iGolf, iBowl and iTV) and will be released this month and run for four weeks.

The ad developed by Razorfish and OMD, and titled ‘Shakedown 2 Get Down’ features Dufon a freestyle dance expressionist from the Seattle dance group ‘Circle of Fire’, and uses the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer, to see him dancing around the screen within the application.

Between the various levels of game play users will be asked to ‘shake 2 activ8’ the iPhone to make Dufon dance.

This is quite an exciting idea, especially as this could see a new wave in ways in which brands can captivate their audience through new technology with engaging advertising placements as opposed to apps alone.


Eric A. Litman said...

Thanks. We at Medialets provided the ad technology behind this.

Alway happy to chat about it.

Eric Litman
CEO, Medialets, Inc.

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