Thursday, 27 August 2009

Woofer: Anti-Twitter macroblogging site

There is a new dog about town, he goes by the name Woofer (, and is here to help all of those users who have been sucked into irrelevant tweets, or are frustrated with shortening their profound thoughts of the day into 160 characters. Woofer is the new anti-Twitter 1400 character 'macroblogging' service, which offers everything you would find on Twitter, but with the benefit of a lot more words.

For all of those not convinced, check out known celebrities (Of which I'm not personally convinced) on Woofer ( such as Ryan Seacrest, and Jimmy Fallon who have already started posting regular Woofs, however as we know for our beloved early Twitter, authentication was never a certainty.

Although I am a very long way yet to be convinced, Woofer certainly may fulfil the need of a niche audience out there with more to say, and so in the words of Woofer "Be eloquent. Use adverbs. and DEA (don't ever abbreviate)".

Happy Woofing!

Happy 50th Birthday MINI!!

Yesterday every one's favourite British brand turned 50, celebrating fifty years since MINI first drove off the production line.

Pic 1 - MINI Email announcing 50 year birthday

To celebrate the birthday in the UK, all the best bits of the brand's fifty years have been pulled together into a nice little microsite which give fans of the brand a chance to look over the old ads, a competition, other firsts from 1959, as well as a more detailed look at the car's history, and all the best bits from the big birthday bash 'MINI United' back in May.

Pic 2 - MINI '50 year birthday' site

The birthday as expected has also been celebrated Worldwide with the release of the below series of videos to celebrate the milestone called “Rebel without Pause” which focuses on MINI fans and drivers all around the world and their personal experiences with the brand.

Video 1 - MINI 50 years - Rebel without Pause. (part.1)

Video 2 - MINI 50 years - Rebel without Pause. (part.2)

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Thursday, 20 August 2009

T-Mobile flashmob reenacted for Movie

On Sunday last week (16th August), people passing through Liverpool Street station must have thought they were going mad when a reenactment of the T-Mobile flashmob was performed for new film St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold.

Pic - St Trinian's 2 Flashmob Liverpool Street Station (Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

Led by Girl's Aloud's Sarah Harding and followed by an army of schoolgirls the scene mirrors the T-Mobile flashmob ad recorded in January (Shown below). This is a really interesting take on an idea, which not only has had massive success virally, but has now led to an appearance in the movies.

Video - T-Mobile - Flashmobbing Liverpool Street Advert

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Avatar Worldwide Trailer Reveal Launch Advert

Today sees the launch of probably one of the most anticipated movie trailers ever, as James Cameron's Avatar has its Worldwide trailer release today (Online at 3pm, and in selected cinemas from around midday). After creating a media storm at San Diego's Comic Con, and drip feeding fans with images from then on, commuters were greeted today with full page ads in Metro showcasing the release of the 15 minute trailer.

Pic - Avatar Trailer Launch Advert

For those interested the official movie website can be found here:

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Megan Fox 'Viral' Public Service Announcement

To promote the new horror film Jennifer's Body, Megan Fox stars in this cool take on a public service announcement, telling high school kids to be themselves no matter what it entails.

Video - Megan Fox viral public service announcement


Friday, 7 August 2009

Kia Soul - 'Go Hamster Go' Facebook App

This is a very cool app which has been put together by Total Immersion for the Kia Soul. The 'Go Hamster Go' Facebook App uses augmented reality in a very clever and viral way. For once players do not need their mouse, or keyboard come to that, as your head is the controller during this game. According to their press release the “Go Hamster Go!” game marks the first use of augmented reality in a Kia application for a social media environment, and can be found at under the Go Hamster Go! tab.

Pic - Kia Soul - 'Go Hamster Go' Facebook App

Each hamster is wearing a coloured t-shirt mirroring a Kia Soul colour, which when the user drops a hamster into the vehicle, the vehicle morphs into that colour. The exit window lists the final score – and the cool features the user managed to add to the Soul. Users can post their scores on the Soul leaderboard and can challenge friends to compete and beat their scores.

Video - Kia Soul - 'Go Hamster Go' Facebook App

I really like this example, not only is it innovative and fun, but it is simple and is sitting on Facebook! The user is not expected to go elsewhere, or dragged to a brands website, they can play just a click away from their profile... genius. Plus you have the added viral element of Facebook, which is where I would expect this app to excel.

HT to Barry and Total Immersion for the info

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The Invisible Festival with Spotify - Less than 24 hours to go!

The Invisible Festival starts tomorrow (08.08.09 - 09.08.09), and is hoping to not only generate a lot of buzz, but raise money for Cancer Research UK. With the help of Spotify The Invisible Festival is an online virtual music festival hosted by the general public, which as the site explains is 'the world’s only 100% mud free, crowd-free, rain-free, tout-free, queue-free, free-free virtual festival'. To get involved users need to:

1) Download Spotify
2) Invite their friends over
3) Have a festival

Pic 1 - The Invisible Festival

Throughout the weekend users can download playlists put together by various artists, as well as following others on Twitter, and downloading content such as wristband to give to everyone at their festival. The site also includes recipes for cocktails, and easy to serve up food so no-one goes hungry.

Pic 2 - The Invisible Festival - Wristbands

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Coca Cola: Coke Creatures Website

As part their ongoing Open Happiness campaign, Coca Cola have been running the Coke Creatures website which supports the ongoing TV ad. The TV ad (below) features a collection of weird creatures which sit in a organ singing as Coke is squirted into their mouths.

Video - Coke Creatures Ad "Yeah yeah yeah, La la la"

Coke Creatures is effectively a replication of the organ from the ad, using the numbered keys on the users keyboard to play. Aside from other content such as videos, an interview with Calvin Harris (responsible for the music), wallpapers, screensavers etc, there is also a widget allow everyone to input the Coke Creatures organ on their Facebook (below).

Widget - Coke Creatures Organ

Thanks to Lauren, Ellie and George for pointing this in my direction!!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Axe - 'Double Pits to Chesty' Viral and iPhone App

As part of the recent 'Double Pits to Chesty' campaign, Axe have released a series of videos, the latest of which is battle of the skaters, which sees Ryan Sheckler, Greg Lutzka and Jereme Rogers in a quest for one upmanship. To achieve this they attempt the 'Double Pits to Chesty' a move that involves spraying yourself under the arms and across the body!

Video - Ryan Sheckler Axe Skate Film Double Pits to Chesty - Trailer

To also support the campaign Axe have launched the 'Axe Pogo Extreme' iPhone App. The free application is a ridiculously addictive game, where the user is tasked with bouncing upwards to collect Axe cans using the iPhone's accelerometer functionality while pulling off tricks in order to win the girls heart (well the girl on that level anyway)!

Pic 1 - 'Axe Pogo Extreme' iPhone App

Users can also play a freeplay mode which enables them to connect to Facebook to share their scores among their friends.

Pic 2 - 'Axe Pogo Extreme' iPhone App

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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Top Gear Fake VW Scirocco Ads

For anyone who like me either missed this the first time round, is yet to catch up with their Sky Plus, or just plain want to see it again, here are the attempts of Jeremy Clarkson and James May creating their own VW Scirocco TV ads.

Video - Top Gear Fake VW Scirocco Ads

My personal favourite is the first one... although I'm not sure why!

Microsoft - 'Megawoosh' Biggest Waterslide Stunt Viral

I have just seen the latest online video 'viral' for Microsoft project management tools. The video features Bruno Kammerl, an Austrian engineer, who has apparently built the largest waterslide on the planet. Shown below we see Bruno flying down the side of a hill launching off a ramp, and into a paddling pool.

Video - Bruno Kammerl - Biggest Waterslide Stunt Viral

Similarly to the Samsung BaaStuds Sheep LED video, I'm sure this will face the whole is it real, isn't it real debate, but either way it's still pretty impressive... and I want a go!

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Monday, 3 August 2009

'Going Google' Campaign

So what do you get when you pick a fight with Google? Well I think Microsoft are about to find out! Aside from the below billboards which is part of a new 'Going Google' campaign designed to show everyone of the benefits of using Google apps over Microsoft Office, there will also be a letter writing campaign and hashtag assult via @Googleatwork to boot.

Video - 'Going Google' Billboard: To give a new message about Google apps everyday for a month

Via Tech Crunch

OXO Competition

It's that time again, the X-Factor is nearly upon us, and now it's the turn of the the viewing public and their families to show us what they've got. OXO have launched the OXO Factor competition, giving one family the chance to have their self made ad appear on TV on the night of the X-Factor final, as well as £10,000.

To tie in with the launch of the competition the famous cube is undergoing a redisign and will become 'X' shaped (apparently allowing it to crumble easier)! Finally someone answered my letter!!