Tuesday, 20 January 2009

T-Mobile - Flashmobbing Liverpool Street Advert

Better late than never, and I really have been waiting for the opportunity to post this, so here it is. Last Friday 16th January saw the latest advert for T-Mobile which was filmed and on air, in less than 48 hours (very impressive by no means when you think about the planning which must have been involved). The ad saw 350 dancers performing at London's Liverpool Street Station in front of the regular footfall of commuters, and aired during the entire ad break in 'Celebrity Big Brother' on Channel 4.

The three-minute guerrilla ad titled 'Dance' is supported by a T-Mobile 'Life's for sharing' YouTube channel which includes the advert, behind the scenes footage, and audition footage as well as a chance to view the new G1 mobile phone of course.

Although this is not the first time flashmobbing has been carried out as part of a guerrilla-style campaign, it works well, and is always refreshing to see. Other examples include the Lastminute.com guerrilla viral campaign which was carried out at Stansted Airport in May 2008 (Shown below).