Monday, 26 January 2009

Top 10 Cult Cinema Ads in the UK

In a recent poll by DCM (Digital Cinema Media), ‘Proof’ the Kylie Minogue Agent Provocateur ad has been voted the greatest cult cinema advert of all time. The full list of the Top 10 ads is as follows:

1. Agent Provocateur 'Proof' (2001)

2. The Orange Gold Spot

3. Maxell Tapes 'Break the Sound Barrier' (1982)

4. Dunlop Tyres 'Tested for the Unexpcted' (1994)

5. Ford Puma 'Bullitt' (1997)

6. Diet Coke 'Break' (1994)

7. Bacardi Rum 'If ' (1991)

8. Guinness 'Surfer' (1999)

9. Carling Black Label 'Dam Busters' (1990)

10. Sony Bravia 'Balls' (2005)

Via: DCM


Nick Burcher said...

I got sent a press release on this at the start of the campaign but didn't have time / decided not to blog it.

The main reasons being (a) my favourite cinema ad (the Fosters global warming kangaroo by swimming pool) wasn't on the list and (b) I thought YouTube was a strange place to promote cinema advertising.

There are some great ads in this list, but isn't the impact of a cinema ad lost when it is played in low quality, small screen, computer format?

Alex Smith said...

I completely agree, my favourite was an old Castlemane XXXX ad, maybe there's just some about Aussie Beer and Cinema advertising.

It is strange that in order to view the larger ad formats of the silver screen we resort to the smallest online video formats of the computer screen.

It raises an interesting point though, especially when YouTube are pushing their Screening Room offering to Indy film makers. A great way to capitise on the reach, but sad when you think about the magic which is lost.