Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Eden launch Channel with Iceberg in the Thames

Yesterday to mark the launch of new Natural History channel Eden, a 16ft high Iceberg complete with Polar bear and cub was set floating down the Thames. So in a bid to remember everything I see that’s a little bit different, I had to get this down as a post.

Photo - Eden Channel Launch - Metro.co.uk

Other activity included branded filler style ads in the morning and evening freesheets, and a lot of PR. The launch is also supported by a very nice site, which houses everything you would expect to see, from photo and video galleries to information about the programmes, and interviews. The trailer for the channel is below, for all of you, whom like me, love a good documentary.

Update: Here is a cool video sent to me on YouTube, which shows the days counting down to the Eden launch.


Anonymous said...

what ad agency did it?

Alex Smith said...

I think it was set up by Taylor Herring Public Relations.