Saturday, 24 January 2009

Latest Cadbury's advert 'Dancing Eyebrows'

Here is the latest Cadbury advert in the 'Glass and a Half Full Productions', entitled 'Dancing Eyebrows'...

The ad sees two children children posing for their family portrait, when boredom takes over and they break out into a crazy eyebrow dance to the 1989 track 'Don't Stop The Rock' by Freestyle. The advert aired yesterday, Friday 23rd January 2009, on Channel 4 after Celebrity Big Brother.

Cadbury's have also taken their latest ad a bit further after the success of earlier ads 'Gorilla', and 'Trucks', by launching 'Jivebrow'. Jivebrow gives the public the chance to show off their funky eyebrow grooves by signing up to the Cadbury's website, with the opportunity to be the eyebrow dancing stars of their special online ads.


allydalley said...

Do you know the names of these children, i really curious to find out mroe about them and if they are in any other adverts. Are they their actual eyebrows moving, or are they computer graphics.