Friday, 9 January 2009

Big Brother 10 auditions on YouTube Channel

Big Brother fever has hit once again with the likes of Coolio, Verne Troyer, and Ben Adams already within their first week of their 22 day stint. As any viewers will be aware Channel 4 are already inviting future hopefuls to send in their entries for Big Brother 10 this summer, with the added bonus of now being able to enter via YouTube.

In order to jump the queue, and perhaps be invited to a VIP audition day, this year Channel 4 are using their YouTube channel for views to submit their audition videos, as well as watch some of the past efforts of previous contestants.

Videos should be about a minute long, and need to be posted by February 3rd 2009, so for anyone who is crazy enough to give it a go the link is -

Good Luck!