Friday, 30 January 2009

Honda Fit Vs. Fuelivores – Campaign

This is the campaign by Honda - 'Honda Fit Vs. Fuelivores', for the new Fit, set in the style of a Mad Max style futuristic movie, in which we see our hero the Honda Fit, battle against the evil mutant Fuelivores. The user must choose a side, and battle their way through various levels, and challenges to unlock content, and continue through the movie.

This is a well designed smooth site, with simple concept, and reasonably addictive content. The features of the car, all explained in a tongue in cheek way, which somehow are a benefit to you in this epic battle of good and evil. There is also plenty of additional features to the site offering users, free downloads, the ability to share unlocked movies, and explore the car in a lot of depth.