Monday, 5 January 2009… or was that you were looking for?

Kick starting 2009 in style, Compare the Market have launched a new campaign to liven up the aggregator market. The campaign sees Aleksandr founder of explaining his dilemma, that people keep getting his site mixed up with Here is the TV execution, for those of you yet to see it, delivered entirely from Aleksandr’s perspective.

A full working site has also been set up to support any Compare the Meerkat traffic, with all the relevant info needed to satisfy any visitors to the site, with sponsored search activity also supporting any traffic wishing to visit the site. As well as the website itself, there has also been a Facebook page put together for any fans of Aleksandr.

This is an excellent way of differentiating the brand from other advertisers in a highly competitive market, and a great way of creating a buzz in what may be considered a low interest category.


Amelia said...

aleks had so many friends on his personal facebook profile that we had to move him to a "fan" area instead. the response has been amazing - maybe in a cold depressing january people just need to have something fun to feel good about?

Alex Smith said...

That's interesting to hear, it will be good to see how the campaign evolves!