Tuesday, 9 June 2009

RubberDuckZilla: Augmented Reality Game

Ok so, Augmented Reality seems to definitely be one of this years hot potatoes, with Oasis the latest brand to integrate the technology within its latest RubberDuckZilla campaign. There are four RubberDuckZilla Augmented Reality Games in total, with two currently available 'Massive Aqua Rampage' and 'Rainavoid' (with the following games available next month). You can see Poke London, the guys responsible, playing the games in the video below.

Video - Augmented Reality Rubberduckzilla Demonstration

The campaign is the latest example of Oasis activity to follow the awesome Godzilla type ad (shown below), which definitely sets the scene for the Retro AR games, as well as introducing everyone to the strangely adorable Tokyo destroying rubber duck.

Video - Oasis Rubberduckzilla TV advert

The remaining upcoming games are apparently tied in with media partnerships, so I will update this as and when this lands. Enjoy!

Update - Friday 12th July 2009:

Since writting this post earlier in the week, the campaign has extended in to The Sun newspaper where RubberDuckZilla, and the Augmented Reality Games have gone mainstream. Today a total of around 7.8 million readers (based on total adult readership) will see the Augmented Reality symbol (shown below), and be encouraged to experiment with the games.

Pic - The Sun RubberDuckZilla feature: Augmented Reality Game

You can continue reading about the activity in The Sun on Nick's blog here: The Sun newspaper featuring RubberDuckzilla Augmented Reality.


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