Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Red Vs Blue Milky Way 2009 Advert

Now come on everyone, you all remember it 'The Red Car and the Blue Car had a race, all Red wants to do is stuff his face' and so on. That's right, Milky Way by some stroke of genius have brought back this blast from the past after almost 20 years, causing a rush of nostalgia across the blogosphere. So here it is for all of you who have not seen the new 2009 Red Car Vs Blue Car Milky Way advert.

Milky Way advert - Red Car Vs Blue Car 2009



RichSpalding said...

I'm not a fan of the current fad. Marketing budgets get cut, so the exec's look through the archives of old creative to find something nostalgic. It's anti-creative, and not that I don't think marketing can be value for money, but it cheapens the brand.

Alex Smith said...

I agree with you in one sense, if it is a dredged up ad attempting to drum up nostalgia through a lack of budget, then yes I think it could be construed as lazy.

However Monster Munch proved last year that nostalgia can be a pretty powerful tool in revitalising a brand.

I think we'll have to see how this plays out, and whether the fact that there is a Milky Way YouTube Channel (free to set up I know), is a hint that there's more to come.

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