Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Volkswagen Twitter ad and Spotify Campaigns.

Okay now before we get started I just want to clarify that these are different campaigns; however are both good examples of utilising emerging media platforms such as Spotify and Twitter.

Let’s start with Spotify… Spotify is a brilliant application which allows users to listen to any music they wish to for free, and is still growing at a rate of at least 10,000 new users every day! It’s purely ad funded (well there is a premium service for those who are still mortified by the very prospect of seeing a banner on their screen) and due to the clean nature of the app can achieve very impressive standout for an ad.

Volkswagen in Sweden decided to use the music application for their Passat EcoFuel Jazz Calculator campaign which allowed users to plot their journey cross country in Jazz miles. The site calculates the Kilometres, and CO2 emissions for your journey, as well as the time it will take, and creates a Jazz playlist which can play out throughout that time (which you can then save to your Spotify account).

This is a great idea, however would be a lot more interesting if you could download it to your mobile, via the Spofity App (due to land later this year) and play it through you car stereo.

So… Twitter. This is a really cool example of utilising Twitter without pulling users away from the site they are currently on. Volkswagen has created this neat ad which looks at the info from your Twitter stream and recommends the car most relevant to you.

Pic 1 - VW Twitter Rich Media ad

I really like the simplicity of this ad, test it for yourself here (Volkswagen Rich Media Twitter ad), and if you still do not have a Twitter account why not try a celeb Twitter name. I’ve posted some examples below.

Pic 2 - VW Twitter ad: Jonathon Ross (@Wossy)

Pic 3 - VW Twitter ad: Demi Moore (@mrskutcher)

Via - Adverblog


Anonymous said...

VW Twitter banner is live at -

nfitzgerald said...

I'd like to know WHY vw has assigned me that car, ie what sort of personality profile it's determined for me and which keywords led to this. Any info on that?


Willem said...

Cool post thanks for that! I'd seen the Twitter one but had missed the Spotify jazz playlist, very nice use of Spotify.


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