Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Pulsing Wall of iPhone Apps

Yesterday was the WWDC event, where Apple wowed passers by with a 5x4 matrix of cinema display monitors, sprinkled with thousands of iPhone app icons, which pulsed as they were downloaded.

Pic - Apples - Wall of iPhone Apps at WWDC event (Photo Credit Techcrunch)

Although according TechCrunch this wasn't quite real-time, I think you'd agree from the picture it looks pretty awesome. The video below shows the display in action, although I failed to spot the one or two that I have actually downloaded.

Video - Apples - Wall of iPhone Apps at WWDC event

It's reported that there are now 50,000 applications now available in the Apple App Store. With more than a billion downloads now recorded as posted last month (Apple Celebrates 1 Billion App Downloads on iTunes)



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