Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Santander Scalextric TV Ad

This is a pretty cool ad from Santander using their partnership with Formula One team McLaren Mercedes, and of course lots of shots of Lewis Hamilton. As well as highlighting the benefits of the brand as expected with the focus on safety and strength, it also adds a generous sprinkling of nostalgia with its use of Scalextric, which is always good to see.

Video - Scalextric Santander TV Advert

There is also a 'making of' video (shown below), if anyone is interested in seeing what a life size Scalextric set looks like.

Video - Making of Scalextric Santander TV Advert


Anonymous said...

What is the music track that is playing?

Anonymous said...

The music is made by Swedish producer Johan Efrik.

Anonymous said...

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I love ads with funk music so much! please post more of them as soon as you can!

SEOkik said...

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