Tuesday, 2 June 2009

BooneOakley.com - Agency Website on Youtube

This is quite an original and cool idea from the US which caught my eye on the bloglines today. BooneOakley.com are a full service agency from New York, who have decided to break from the norm and upload their whole website, in the form of a website with embedded links through to their various pages.

Pic 1 - BooneOakley.com

Pic 2 - BooneOakley.com

Personally I think its a good idea, however the fact that anyone can embed you whole website, anywhere they want could either be a brilliant move, or massive mistake. I think that only time will tell, but it's certainly got a lot of people talking... well over the last couple of days at least. You can view the website here - BooneOakley.com