Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Microsoft - Project Natal hands free system unveiled at E3

Yesterday was the start of this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, and as expected there was finally some further information on the leaks and speculations of the last few weeks. One such unveiling which everyone including myself is going crazy for is the new motion sensing controller created by Microsoft, codenamed Project Natal. The new system is a completely hands free controller which uses facial and motion recognition to allow gamers to play games and navigate through the Xbox 360’s menus (demonstrated in the video below).

Video - XBOX E3: Project Natal

This is particularly interesting given the ways in which Project Natal could be integrated in the future with Microsoft’s other unveiling that they are teaming up with Sky to give users the chance to watch a rumoured 20 – 30 channels streamed through their console.

There has always been predictions about the way in which media is evolving, and how the media we consume will one day converge into one central hub in the home, and I think that this along with Project Natal certainly shows that the industry in taking some positive and innovative steps forward in the way we not only consume media but interact with it.

To read more, here is a report featuring an interview with Steven Spielberg and Xbox's Don Mattrick - Microsoft unveils new controller.