Friday, 12 June 2009

#ukhols map - Vodafone Uses Twitter and Hashtags for New Campaign

This is very cool, especially as I go on holiday soon and was amazed by the speed in which this app works. So... Lets start at the beginning, Vodafone as part of their 'free roaming charges' campaign have launched a new application, the #ukhols map, which is populated by Twitter users tweeting the hashtag #ukhols. Users simply tweet the hashtag, age, sex, first half of their postcode, and destination (e.g. #ukhols 25 F B12 Gran Canaria), and then have their route uploaded onto the map. Below is an example of my holiday (Las Vegas baby, in 2 weeks)!!

Pic - Vodafone: Twitter #ukhols map

The #ukhols Map was written by web developer Ben Marsh for Vodafone, who throughout June, July and August, are abolishing roaming charges in over 37 countries. The map according to the website uses the Twitter Search, Google Maps, Yahoo Placemaker as well as jQuery. Personally I think this is really quite cool, a little show to load on my machine, but as I said uploaded my tweet in seconds.

Thank you to Agus for pointing this in my direction.


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