Tuesday, 9 June 2009

GM Spoof: GM Retardation advert

Last week I posted about the new GM advert (GM: Reinvention - New ad for New GM) entitled Reinvention. The commercial dedicated itself to ensuring that the public does not lose trust in the brand, following the news that they were filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Well... following this I was highlighted to the fact that there was a well edited spoof circulating shown below.

Video - GM Spoof: GM Retardation commercial

Supporting the spoof ad is an GM Retardation website exact replica of the new GM Reinvention website, obviously tweaked as expected highlighting users to fictitious Blogs, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook accounts, with copy such as: "Pretend like you can be friends with us. We'll pretend too, and then we'll close down your dads car dealership".

Pic - GM Retardation Website