Monday, 1 June 2009

MINI IPhone App - Openness

A few weeks ago MINI launched their iPhone App for the new MINI Convertible, and their 'Stay Open' campaign. Allowing the user to find out that life's more interesting when you stay open, the objective of the app is to find our how open they are? There is a link to iTunes for the app at the bottom of this post for those curious.

The first thing you do is to select one of four levels of 'Openness', from 'New to this open thing' to 'Open is my middle name', at which point using the phones GPS function you are located, and served suggestions of strange and interesting activities based on where you are.

The list activities range from things such as dining on a zebra steak, to rendering a naked person in pastels. You can then save these to a list, or send to a friend in order to test them on how open they are, there is also a chance to take a 360 look at the new MINI Convertible.

The application does state that is for those 18 and over only, but is free, and offers activities in 10 cities over the UK including London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh.

The app can be found here: The MINI IPhone App - Openness

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