Friday, 7 August 2009

The Invisible Festival with Spotify - Less than 24 hours to go!

The Invisible Festival starts tomorrow (08.08.09 - 09.08.09), and is hoping to not only generate a lot of buzz, but raise money for Cancer Research UK. With the help of Spotify The Invisible Festival is an online virtual music festival hosted by the general public, which as the site explains is 'the world’s only 100% mud free, crowd-free, rain-free, tout-free, queue-free, free-free virtual festival'. To get involved users need to:

1) Download Spotify
2) Invite their friends over
3) Have a festival

Pic 1 - The Invisible Festival

Throughout the weekend users can download playlists put together by various artists, as well as following others on Twitter, and downloading content such as wristband to give to everyone at their festival. The site also includes recipes for cocktails, and easy to serve up food so no-one goes hungry.

Pic 2 - The Invisible Festival - Wristbands

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