Thursday, 27 August 2009

Woofer: Anti-Twitter macroblogging site

There is a new dog about town, he goes by the name Woofer (, and is here to help all of those users who have been sucked into irrelevant tweets, or are frustrated with shortening their profound thoughts of the day into 160 characters. Woofer is the new anti-Twitter 1400 character 'macroblogging' service, which offers everything you would find on Twitter, but with the benefit of a lot more words.

For all of those not convinced, check out known celebrities (Of which I'm not personally convinced) on Woofer ( such as Ryan Seacrest, and Jimmy Fallon who have already started posting regular Woofs, however as we know for our beloved early Twitter, authentication was never a certainty.

Although I am a very long way yet to be convinced, Woofer certainly may fulfil the need of a niche audience out there with more to say, and so in the words of Woofer "Be eloquent. Use adverbs. and DEA (don't ever abbreviate)".

Happy Woofing!