Friday, 7 August 2009

Coca Cola: Coke Creatures Website

As part their ongoing Open Happiness campaign, Coca Cola have been running the Coke Creatures website which supports the ongoing TV ad. The TV ad (below) features a collection of weird creatures which sit in a organ singing as Coke is squirted into their mouths.

Video - Coke Creatures Ad "Yeah yeah yeah, La la la"

Coke Creatures is effectively a replication of the organ from the ad, using the numbered keys on the users keyboard to play. Aside from other content such as videos, an interview with Calvin Harris (responsible for the music), wallpapers, screensavers etc, there is also a widget allow everyone to input the Coke Creatures organ on their Facebook (below).

Widget - Coke Creatures Organ

Thanks to Lauren, Ellie and George for pointing this in my direction!!