Thursday, 6 August 2009

Axe - 'Double Pits to Chesty' Viral and iPhone App

As part of the recent 'Double Pits to Chesty' campaign, Axe have released a series of videos, the latest of which is battle of the skaters, which sees Ryan Sheckler, Greg Lutzka and Jereme Rogers in a quest for one upmanship. To achieve this they attempt the 'Double Pits to Chesty' a move that involves spraying yourself under the arms and across the body!

Video - Ryan Sheckler Axe Skate Film Double Pits to Chesty - Trailer

To also support the campaign Axe have launched the 'Axe Pogo Extreme' iPhone App. The free application is a ridiculously addictive game, where the user is tasked with bouncing upwards to collect Axe cans using the iPhone's accelerometer functionality while pulling off tricks in order to win the girls heart (well the girl on that level anyway)!

Pic 1 - 'Axe Pogo Extreme' iPhone App

Users can also play a freeplay mode which enables them to connect to Facebook to share their scores among their friends.

Pic 2 - 'Axe Pogo Extreme' iPhone App

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