Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Axe - '100 Girls' Hair Crisis Relief Campaign

Unilever's Axe have launched a new campaign named 'Hair Crisis Relief' to support their new range of hair products. The campaign sees 100 girls in a warehouse monitored by CCTV, taking it in turns to judge the hair of users who have uploaded pictures of themselves.

The girls then move to the 'Yes' side of the room, or the 'No' side, where the photo in question is given a score (quite simple really). The commentator then offers her pearls of wisdom and suggests various products to improve their percentage score.

A good idea with the pictures getting refreshed regularly offering the opportunity to list the full range within a few rotations, however the commentary gets tired and repetitive very quickly. Still well worth a visit though.


Anonymous said...

Sexy new AXE commercial...