Thursday, 12 February 2009

Kit Kat Perfect Break – So who’s tea round is it??

At last Kit Kat answers that age old question of ‘Who turn is it to get the teas in?’… Or is that just relevant to my pod of desks in the office. This is the new Perfect Break campaign by Kit Kat giving users the chance to enjoy a break on their microsite whether you’re at home, work, or even in the garden. With three different options Kit Kat offers you the chance to enjoy a selection of ‘Fun and Games’, take a ‘Brain Break’, or use the ‘Who’s getting the Coffee tool?’.

Each option is nicely put together and sure to keep you entertained, with Sudoku, Crosswords, Kit Kat style Tetris (Break Down), and Alleyway (Brick Break) games. There is also more downloadable content than you could wave a chocolate covered wafer at.

The campaign is supported by both offline and online activity, with a competition on the site, and interactive 'Kit Kat Perfect Break' Facebook page which launched this week.

Thanks Suni for flagging this one, and Shep I'm pretty sure that makes it your round! Sorry mate!