Monday, 16 February 2009

Myla – Valentines Lingerie Campaign

Better late than never… This is the latest campaign by Myla for Valentines Day, 'Trump Cards'.

Myla’s – Video 1

'Trump Cards' is a simple video campaign which allows the user to select a card from the deck, each of which contains a seductive video of a model showcasing the lingerie, as well as the crucial stats of which any trumps card would not be complete.

For anyone else interested, here are the other videos.

Myla’s – Video 2

Myla’s – Video 3



Charlotte Holter said...

Ugh - ranking women on their 'bedability'. I'm sorry, have we stepped back into the dark ages? I always thought Myla was a classy, woman-focussed brand. This is more Nuts territory. I wonder what has brought about the change in direction?

Alex Smith said...

I can see your point, but get the impression this was targeted more towards the male visitors to the site, as a play on those titles which would use words and ranking like the ones we see here.

Paula said...

I love lace lingerie and bought some from several places for Valentine's including Lingerie Confidential and it felt great.
I personally wasn't offended by the videos Alex, but I do see Charlotte's point to be honest.