Thursday, 19 February 2009

Kia Soul - Graffiti and Eco-friendly advertising Used to Launch New Model

This is the latest campaign by Kia to launch their new model the Kia Soul. The campaign, which is all about Soul and freedom, and so Kia has commissioned six pieces of street art in six cities around the UK. The graffiti artists 'End of the Line' are painting six pieces of Soul art on walls and billboards around Bristol, London, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Birmingham.

Kia Soul - Street Art

As well as the commissioned six pieces of graffiti, Kia have also enlisted the help of unique eco-advertising services agency 'CURB' to use 150 'clean ads' to raise awareness of the Kia Soul and direct people to their dedicated website

Kia Soul 'Clean ad' - Pic 1

The green ads work by 'spray cleaning' dirty pavements using a stencil, with the message lasting up to 8 weeks depending on the location, a process which is is 100% legal as nothing is added to the surface except water collected in rain barrels. Throughout the campaign CURB are hoping to deliver over 750 clean ads nationwide in what will be one of the biggest clean advertising campaigns ever conducted.

Kia Soul 'Clean ad' - Pic 2

Earlier this year CURB conducted a guerrilla campaign for extreme sports channel Extreme, by taking advantage of the freak snow which fell over London in January 2009. With the use of branded stencils, London was bombarded by subtle Extreme logos popping up in the snow (roughly 2000, in 350 high-profile locations).

Extreme - Pic 1

Extreme - Pic 2