Friday, 4 September 2009

Top 10 Augmented Reality Advertising Campaigns… so far - PART 2

When I posted my previous Top 10 (Top 10 Augmented Reality Adveritising Campaigns… so far) there were almost immediately a host of new examples, and that trend has certainly showed no signs of slowing. There has however started to emerge a new trend which is far more beneficial to the end user, and that is that more and more brands are conjuring up useful ways to integrate augmented reality within their campaigns, with mobile playing a very big part in this. It has also occurred to me while collecting these examples, that while AR still remains quite gimmicky, it can be much more than that (as is hopefully shown in the below examples).

10. Financial Times
Okay, although this might not be the most creative use of AR, but to be showcased on the front cover of the FT, and be followed up with a full page article looking at how the twin challenges of digital media and the recession are forcing advertising agencies to rethink the way they do business, I think it just goes to show how far AR has come this year alone. Although the technology may have been around for a few years now, the fact that it is gathering this much momentum is quite exciting (and so worthy of a place in the top 10).

9. IBM
There have been many examples of events offering programs within mobile applications to help people get around, however I think this may be one of the most innovative created by IBM for this year’s Wimbledon. It involved an app for T-Mobile's G1 which provided information via AR for users to view stats related to the matches, as well as see what’s on sale in the stores and receive real-time Twitter feeds.

8. Paramount - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
To celebrate Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen due released in the UK in June, the ‘We Are Autobots’ Augmented Reality campaign was launched giving the user the opportunity to play the role of Optimus Prime, as well as find hidden messages from Bumblebee which giving users the chance to see exclusive Decepticon footage from the new film via AR. A great way of generating a bit of extra buzz around this much anticipated movie release.

7. Doritos-late-night
This example by Doritos offered consumers the opportunity to select one of two bands (Blink182 or Big Boi) to play a concert for them on the back of the packet. Again one of the more gimmicky example on this list I’m afraid, but still a nice continuation of the previous Doritos example from my previous post, allowing users a chance to grow familiar with the technology.

6. Mattel – Avatar Toys
Announced by Mattel at this year’s Comic Con to follow the much anticipated Avatar movie, a series of toys will be released, each incorporating augmented reality, marking it the first time AR will appear in a retail toy. The i-Tag technology created by Total Immersion will allow consumers to bring their toy to life, and battle others giving a new dimension to their experience.

5. Wrigley’s - 5 Gum
This example for the launch of Wrigley's 5 chewing gum in France, allowed users to mix together their own music using a number of AR symbols. Three symbols representing the different flavours linked to a certain track, with the distance from the main marker determining the volume and effects for each track. This was not only a very innovative user of AR, but I think encompassed the messaging and attributes of the brand.

4. Yelp /
Once again I have had to tie to similar examples together. Both are, for me, two very good examples of AR on mobile providing a very useful function, but are available free and fully available apps in the Apple App Store.

Review site Yelp offers an application that shows users where to go from restaurants to bars and so on. The excellent thing about this app however, is that the AR feature is actually hidden in the app, and only accessible if you shake three times (the phone not you). By doing this you unlock the Monocle feature which overlays the reviews onto the image shown via your camera on your 3Gs iPhone.
Something of an ‘under the radar app’ the NRU (pronounced near you) offers a similar experience to the Yelp application, using the features of the phone to not only direct users to the nearest bars and restaurants, but as you would expect gives full reviews if you tap any of the available options in your area.

3. Glasses Direct
This is a very useful and helpful use of AR, which allows users to visualise the product before purchasing, more importantly it allows them to do this without needing to leave the comfort of your own home.

2. United States Postal Service - Priority Mail
This is another great example of useful ar, giving users the ability to check the size of their packages before sending, saving the user time, but also giving the customer a pleasant experience which they will in turn
associate with the brand.

1. KIA Soul
The “Go Hamster Go!” game released a couple of weeks ago marked the first use of augmented reality in a social media environment. Now I know that it was an Auto brand that topped my last top 10, with the BMW Z4 example, but I'm afraid Kia soul will have to top this one for me. Not only is this really enjoyable use of AR, but it is also in my view a fantastic example of how augmented reality is being integrated within the media environment.

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mercury said...

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Ed said...

Great list. Hadn´t come across many good examples of AR before this post / list. Type of marketing that is original and different, and really relevant to the type of marketing required today.

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