Friday, 11 September 2009

Guitar Hero 5: Playboy Playmates' "Risky Business" Ad

It truly is battle of the bands this month with Guitar Hero 5 competing with the long awaited 'The Beatles Rock Band'. In order to stand up and really separate the men from the boys, Guitar Hero have launched their new campaign playing on their previous successes spoofing that well known scene from "Risky Business". This ad (shown below) aired on Televisions both in the US and here in the UK sees the Playboy Playmates rocking out in full force in front of a very lucky Hugh Hefner.

Video 1 - Guitar Hero 5: Playboy Playmates' "Risky Business" Ad

There is also a 'Making of' video which is always worth watching if you enjoy the ad, which shows us just exactly what went on in the mansion that day.

Video 2 - Guitar Hero 5: Behind the Scenes of Playboy Playmates' "Risky Business"