Monday, 14 September 2009

The PUMA Index - iPhone App: Stocks and shares with sex appeal

Making the best of a bad situation is not always the easiest thing to do, however in this instance PUMA have got it spot on. Their new iPhone app 'The PUMA Index' allows users to not only check how their stocks are doing, but has the added benefit that if the stocks are going down so will a rather attractive girls pants!

Pic - The PUMA Index - iPhone App

Not you're type, well there's a selection of women and men to choose from, with a video of a sleeping beauty once the stocks are closed for the day. Definitely worth checking out as it's free, and slightly more interesting than the one provided as default to the iPhone. There's also a site to support the activity (for all those non-iPhone users), and a video explaining how it all works (shown below).

Video - The PUMA Index



stock picking said...

This app looks amazing. Why did I not know about this earlier??