Friday, 11 September 2009

MINI: 'Two Untamed' Teaser Videos (Mirror. Same. Shine)

MINI have released a series of teaser videos prior to the Frankfurt Motor Show this year, to generate some added mystery and buzz around the unveiling of the “twins”, which blogs are already calling the Coupe Concept and Speedster. The virals show the 'untamed twins' in a series of unusual settings, with the messaging 'New from MINI. 2 B THRILLED. 2 B DESIRED. 2 B CONTINUED'. The three videos were released one after the other (shown below), named Mirror, Same, and Shine.

Video 1 - MINI. Two Untamed. Mirror.

Video 2 - MINI. Two Untamed. Same.

Video 3 - MINI. Two Untamed. Shine.