Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Samsung 'The Last Call' 24-Hour Dance Off

This evening will see the start of a 24-hour dance-off as part of 'The Last Call' campaign for Samsung's BEAT DJ music phone. As of 6pm tonight 100 people from all across Europe will compete in a 24-hour silent disco as part of the campaign listening to music on their phone with the aim of dancing uninterrupted until 6pm tomorrow night.

If at any time throughout the 24-hours one of the competitors receives a call or text, they are out. The prize for the last man or woman standing will be €10,000 to take the Swedish singer September out to dinner, and keep the left over money.

The whole event can viewed on the www.thelastcall.tv, and viewers are also able to tweet during the event, view the playlist on Spotify, and upload images to be projected. Over the last few weeks, the dancers have been busy making their pleas to not receive calls or texts during the dance, so Good Luck team GBR!!


... and the winner is: