Friday, 24 July 2009

Harry Potter Casts 'Twitter Spells' on your followers

This is a brilliant little app for all those Harry Potter fans out there, which just can't get enough of the box office smash 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' released Worldwide last week. 'Hogwarts Wizarding Class' (Found here: allows Twitterers out there to cast spells on their unsuspecting follows, giving them the option to send in a flock of birds (See below), shroud their page in darkness, or send them a love potion.

Pic 1 - Harry Potter Tweet

I think this is a really nice idea, and is very in the spirit of the movies. Developed by Warner Brothers the app is certainly one of the best uses of Twitter I have seen from a brand and hope fully raises the bar to a new level.

Pic 2 - Harry Potter Tweet (Photo Credit Revolution)

My only reservation is on the subject of how comfortable the Twitterverse is in divulging there login details to every new app that appears, but I guess we will see as more and more of them appear.