Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Fosters 'Ozometer' Twitter App

As part of their latest campaign Fosters have launched their new 'Ozometer' Twitter application to try and work out just how 'Aussie' us Brits really are. According to the Fosters site, the 'Ozometer' Twitter App works by scanning thousands of Tweets every minute, and determines whether they are 'More' or 'Less' Aussie when compared to a predetermined list of words and phrases.

On the site users can view the live feed of Tweets as their fate is decided with a percentage grade, search for their own Twitter account, and view the current rankings by Celebrity, Place, or People. Although this does not necessarily seem like something radically new, I really like this. Dipping into the positive Vs. negative Tweets is actually really entertaining, and similarly to Twistori (Shown below), can easily sap up minutes of your time.

I'm curious to see how this campaign evolves, and will certainly be looking out for my Tweets in the charts. For further information on how the app works, all info is on the Fosters site here.


I've just in an article on Revolution, that further to this Fosters have partnered with to give users a fully 'Aussie' experience complete with advertorials, quizzes, updates, and competitions (As if 'Assess My Breasts', 'Beach Babes getting wild' and the 'Naked Chanelle special' wasn't enough already). You can view the full article here: 'Fosters launches Twitter app: find out how Aussie you are'.



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