Thursday, 9 July 2009

Xbox Shockwaves Guitar Hero 100

Shockwaves together with Xbox have launched the Shockwaves Guitar Hero 100 "Summer of Music 2009" to find the Ultimate Guitar Hero here in the UK. Offering a wide range of prizes and free content to users getting involved. In order to enter download the Shockwaves gamerpics (either play and win, or tournament), then play along to your favourite World Tour tracks (Tournament tracks: Motohead - Overkill, Oasis - Some Might Say, The Enemy - Aggro).

A nice idea, plus free stuff always works in grabbing a bit of attention. This is also a good way of hitting the Summer festival scene, with XBOX always having a good presence at the key festivals. Footage of the "Shockwaves Summer Of Music" will also be made available for everyone to keep up to date, which if anything like the below YouTube example is sure to be strangely amazing.