Thursday, 18 September 2008

Top 10 banned ads - Shortlist

Shortlist, the Men's free Weekly Magazine have today posted the Top 10 banned ads of all time today on the Shortlist website, reminding us of all of those ads we loved (but the ASA didn't), including brands such as Tango, and Agent Provocateur (the ad with a writhing Kylie on a velvet bucking bronco).

The Top 10 banned ads list comes after the recent stir caused by Eva Mendes in the recent Calvin Klein campaign mentioned on Funkadelic a few weeks ago.

Check out the list below, with a brief trip down a seedy and debauched memory lane.

1. Ikea

2. Umbro

3. Durex

4. Heinz

5. Nike

6. Danish Bacon

7. Agent Provocateur

8. Toyota

9. Glasses needed?

10. Tango