Saturday, 13 September 2008

'History of Britain' ads launched to Celebrate the 122nd Birthday of Hovis

Hovis the Bread maker have launched a new advert to celebrate their 122nd Birthday, which takes the viewer on a journey through British history following a boy on his way home from the bakers to his house. The 122 second ad spot, a second for each year Hovis has been around, hit screens in the UK on the 12th September on ITV1, with Cinema and National Press activity to follow.

Playing on Hovis' 1973 'Bike' ad, famously directed by Ridley Scott, one of Britain's favourite adverts (see below), the 'History of Britain' advert, depicting scenes such as the invention of the first automobile, the blitz, the Queen's Coronation, and the miner's strike, is fantastically simple and very memorable.