Thursday, 25 September 2008

Best Ads on TV Podcast

Best ads on TV have launched their very own Podcast, and best of all, it's for free! Every week users will be treated to best 6 TV spots in the world courtesy of Best Ads on TV as a podcast on iTunes, to enjoy whenever they want.

The Podcast is already proving a success, with the Best Ads on TV Podcast ranked as follows on the Video Podcast Charts:

#2 in Australia
#2 in New Zealand
#18 in the UK
#19 in Canada
#36 in Portugal
#63 in France
#66 in Ireland
#66 in Norway
#71 in Sweden
#85 in Belgium
#91 in Italy

You can access the Best Ads on TV Podcast here!!

Hats off to Adverblog for the tip off.