Thursday, 18 September 2008

IMDb launch free films and TV service

IMDb (Internet movie database) has launched an on demand service allowing users to view full-length films, and hit TV shows (including ‘Heroes’, ‘Family Guy’, ‘The Office’, and ‘Star Trek’) for free on the Amazon owned website. Soon IMDb will also be opening its site to filmmakers worldwide by giving them the chance to upload their films to the site also.

Since launching on October 17, 1990, and being aquired by Amazon in 1998, IMDb is one of the web’s most comprehensive source of information on movies and television, and is one of the largest accumulation of data about films, television programs, straight-to-video, and video games.

This seems like a perfectly logical next step for IDMb, and should give users the chance to spend longer on the site, with a good reason to come back regulaly. It is also nice to hear that the service will be free, as one of the main barriers for users regarding on-demand, and IPTV services certainly seems to be cost, and ease of use.