Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Get ready for the Barclaycard World Freerun Championships

With less than 24 hours to go before the first ever Barclaycard World Freerun Championships, us London folk have been spoilt with a campaign including some impressive formats within the freesheets, and a YouTube Channel full of breathtaking videos of people with far too much desire to injure themselves.

So what exactly is the Barclaycard World Freerun Championships? Parkour, or free-running over the last few years has become a global phenomenon, finding its way into everything from movies, to music videos, and even adverts. The Barclaycard World Freerun Championships is an event where competitors from 17 different countries can show off their skills in order to be crowned World Champion.

It almost seems like there hasn’t been enough hype around the event, however it certainly seems like this could be the start of a very popular annual competition.